Wednesday, December 24


Earlier this month, I prepared these palatable seafood for lunch. And my parents loved them, so did Feisal and Achu Dedek. We had asam pedas kepala ikan jenahak, ketam masak lemak and udang galah kicap.

1. Soak the fish head in tamarind juice.

2. Saute belacan, turmeric, garlic and shallots (finely pounded) until almost crispy.

3. Next, add in few tablespoons of chili paste. Fry until pecah minyak.

4. Add in the fish head, together with a cup of tamarind juice, not too pekat nor cair. Let simmer.

5. Lastly, add in tomatoes, bendi, daun kesum and bunga kantan. Season with salt.

1. In a pot of water, add in crushed cili padi (a handful), santan, turmeric and salt. Let simmer.

2. Add in the crabs and simmer until cooked. (15 minutes)
For this, I used the same recipe as any masak kicap. Only that, I added few tablespoons of chili paste for the extra kick.

Happy Feasting!

Tuesday, December 23


20th day of Ramadhan, 5:30 a.m.

The anxiety voices and crowd in my head have finally unassembled, so I made my way to the bathroom. After falling over myself to sneak a peek, I finally saw the lines. There were two, bright lines. Rubbed my eyes. Nope, wasn't a fallacious line or two. Still there.

After what had seemed like a dream, I made my way out. Sat myself on the bed whilst Darling Feisal sneaked a peek at those two lines. The blank facade that He flashed at me wasn't helping much! The anxiety voices and crowd assembled once again, slowly invading my giddy head.

It wasn't a ploy nor was it planned with fastidious details. There We were, secretly rejoicing Our new found glory whilst waiting for the sun to come up.

27th day of Ramadhan, 11 a.m.

There it was, a black bubble on the screen. We smiled with pride.

Sometime ago that was. People often ask, why the rush? Enjoy while you are still young. I would silently answer, why not rush and enjoy? Life is short. Some would blabber away and dismiss it as a trend. Everyone's sashaying around with one.

Well, on mature reflection, it is most certainly not a trend nor a fashion statement. I have not any plans to waltz around with expensive-branded-wearing toddler if that's what trend is all about. They can't even decipher alphabets, much less read Osh Kosh or BabyGuess. No offence, that's my own opinion and plan.

I know I am ready as my Husband has always been ready. I know I can make a good parent as I am more than certain that my Husband will be a fantastic one. I know I can brave this as my Husband is here with me. In many ways, more than one.

Yes, He had the Couvade Syndrome and secretly wrote, 'For my wife, I will take that anytime'.

Alhamdulillah, because of that, I didn't have to endure morning sickness.

Alongside all the many reasons to be thankful for, what more can I ask?

We are half way there, four.five months. InsyaAllah, Darling Feisal will have a buddy to kick football with and support ManU with as this cute Baby of Ours is A BOY!

Sunday, December 14

On a Lazy Day

We decided to stay at home and laze around. More of pig around. Watching movies incessantly whilst munching on kerepek.The Husband decided to be a chef for the day.

For breakfast, We had these. Cocktail sausage with omelette and melted cheese.

Iced longan in fresh milk.

And He prepared this for lunch. Yummy mushroom sauce!

Now that is why Feisal is My King! A feminine one at that though.

Friday, December 12


I love going to SSF. I love its products, from small scented candles to extra lush flowers, to intricate porcelains and furnitures. What is not to love.

Mix and match ought to be applied though, not a fan of one-colour-one-type-only interior deco.

Tuesday, December 9

On Friday the 13th

The date often considered to be a day of bad luck.

This horror film will be released February next year, on a Friday. Friday the 13th. 2009 will welcome three Friday(s) the 13th, as opposed to one this year. But this year's was nowhere near horror.

Darling Feisal and I officially became an item on Friday the 13th, 2004. And got married almost four years later, also on a Friday the 13th. The only Friday the 13th for this year.

Anything but bad luck.

Tuesday, November 25

Seafood at Home

To get cooking down to a fine art is something that I would love to achieve, but not just yet.
Last Sunday morning, my Darl Feisal and I went to the market and thereupon, fresh, fatty crabs caught our eyes. Bought them we did, together with some sting rays.

So yesterday evening, after a splendid chat with Miera, I cooked the seafood whilst Feisal went to "sepak bola" at the poolside. It's called "sepak bola" and not "bola sepak" as He kicks the football all by Himself. Towards a wall or something. See, His love for football is incontestable.

Enough digression, back to cooking. Here are the end results :

Pari Bakar with Air Asam.

Place the pari (season with salt and turmeric) on a grilling pan, pre-heated with butter.

Air asam

*Finely crush 1 cm belacan, red chili and sugar in a pestle. Pour in tamarind juice (1 tbsp asam jawa with 1/2 cup water) into the pestle. Add in finely chopped shallot and tomato. Lastly, add in lime juice.

*I love using the pestle (lesung batu) as it intensifies the taste. Original kampung style.

Sweet and sour crabs.

*Saute sliced garlic, ginger, onion and red chili in hot oil.

*Add the crabs, let them fry for 5 mins.

*Next, add in chili sauce, tomato sauce and water, to your taste. Also, add in sugar and salt.

*Lastly, you may add tomato, pineapple, carrot and coriander into the simmering dish.

Cooking is indeed therapeutic!

Monday, November 24

It has been a while

Prepping spaghetti is easy right, so no need for recipe. I like mine slightly sweet, with grated parmesan cheese to top it all of.

Also, tastes much better with these sticky wings!
Smother the chicken wings in honey, garlic, ginger, brown sugar, oyster sauce, chili powder and cumin marinade. Bake in preheated 190 deg oven for an hour.

My favourite cake, besides plain gooey chocolate cake.
The recipe, well, I kind of lost it. I placed it on my fridge with a magnet and my cute, rascal bunny decided to nibble on the recipe. Up to its very last shred of paper. But I am sure this recipe works just fine.

Thursday, November 20

Should my blog be in the form of a physical journal, it would certainly be collecting dust by now. I reckon it has been permeated by the sound of rocketing crickets.

Not only have I no cogent reasons for such neglect, I am also literally home-bound. A stay at home wife, doing nothing replicating the same. ha ha.

Last weekend was fun. We filled ourselves with nonsensical gossips and jokes, replenishing our depleting in-need-of-laughter souls. See you girls in December.

And, I have found a new love. The name's Jaspal. Replete with colourful and up-to-mark tops. Bought myself a black top and Mira a gypsy-like green. Nice! And what's more, they are affordably reasonable.
Jaspal rocks!

Thursday, November 13

After a long hiatus on buying things, yesterday's shopping spree with my aunt-in-law and sis-in-law was liberating. Gosh have I forgotten how great the feeling is! Subang Parade is fun to be in. So much so, during lunch hour, sneaky Feisal sneaked into Subang Parade as well to get himself a new pair of boots for his football match tomorrow. Gila gung-ho. But no, we did not bump into him! hish.

Wednesday, November 5


America, it is time to change your ways. The coveted baton has been passed to the deserving Obama, incontestably so. Whilst America will be making its headway with the newly elected President, who undoubtedly will reposition America in our eyes, we will be falling into a state of disrepair.

For starters, what is with the perceptibly deranged malay guy who sued the State Government of Penang for erecting multilingual road signs in the state? Once again, deranged. And need I begin with the Malaysian cruddy, world-of-not-unlike-monkeys politicians? Their heads should be clobbered. And boy am I enamoured with our Government's laughingly firm contention that economy meltdown will not befall Malaysia. Maybe after drowning Japan and Singapore's markets, just to name a few, Mr. Economy Meltdown decided to give us a miss. Duh.

Oh boy, Well Done America. Good Luck Malaysia.

Happy Birthday Mar! Lagi best makan aiskrim dengan kau.

Tuesday, October 28

My Best Friend's Wedding

Just look at her pretty face. Deserving every beautiful moment indeed.

Nah, no words could ever describe my feelings on those two eventful nights. Speechless.

Thursday, October 23

Songs for you, Truths for me

Honest to goodness cuteness.The only singer who could command my attention from first to last. My flippant attitude aside, I'm busy analysing the lyrics to his latest album when I should actually start on my essays on Constitutional Law. Oh well, amost anything goes for me these days.

That aside,
In two days' time, she'll be a gorgeous bride. She'll be at most very, very happy. I am very relieved to know that everything is well. Everything ought to be, InsyaAllah. Because she, my Best Girl, deserves the best. The very best. And to her, the person who knows me best, i love you. And now it's my turn to usher you on your Aqad night. Honoured :)

Friday, October 10

Eye Candy

Oh cuteness. tak tahan. geram. so cuddly, so innocent. nak kiss kiss!

Monday, October 6

I can't wait for Miera's wedding at the end of this month. But final exams will be knocking on my door right after. I can't wait for the semester break (or the end of Masters) to continue on doing what I do best ie. lay idle.The Uni people have asked me to sign in forms to become permanent teaching staff. But I have new considerations to consider.

Until then, I will be floating. As Miss Ahlam funnily puts it, "dark clouds hovering above your head".

Actually she mentioned something in light of Company Law. Not dark clouds. That's just me.

Thursday, September 25

Of Hari Raya

Given that this would have been Feisal's first Raya in Kuching, it would totally be new. However, it was not to be. I had to capitulate to my parents' wishes of wanting to celebrate Raya here, instead of the usual Kuching. In need of a nice break they chided.

Raya will still be a totally new experience this year, nevertheless. As much as I miss the breezy air of my hometown, the kek-lapis baking and the storming in my neighbour's house at any time; I am grateful for this will be my first Raya together with Feisal and His families.
My Father has already planned what to do and where to go to with Feisal the night of Raya. Mummy and I, on the other hand will be cracking in the kitchen, overlooking the gigantic KLCC. Something different ey.

It will be different as both my brothers and SIL won't be here to share with us the joy of Raya. Different as we will only be surrounded by families instead of our lovely neighbours and friends back home. Different as the short and colourful Raya lights will be hung on the balcony of our apartment as opposed to the countless bulbs needed for Kuching's home. Oh ya, Feisal and I bought ketupat-like lights last night.

*Raya with the crazy in-laws*

Although I miss the comforts of Kuching and its people, InsyaAllah, Raya this year will bring a whole new meaning to a whole new life of Ours as husband and wife, Amin (*wink*).

Eid Mubarak to all.

Wednesday, September 17


Since we had nothing else better to do other than idling at home on a public holiday, I decided to drag Feisal this morning to buy walnuts and butter at the bakery's. Got this recipe last month from a cook book, which I believe looks better than mine!

* Cream 150 gm butter until white and fluffy.

* In a seperate bowl, cream together 135gm castor sugar, 135 all purpose flour, one tspn baking powder, 3 eggs, 23 gm ovelette and 35 ml water.

* After mixing, pour the batter into the butter mixture.

* Lastly, add in 125gm walnut (baked for 5 minutes and chopped coarsely).

*Bake for approximately one hour at 175 celcius.

A simple meal

I hate cold sores, especially those appearing right on my inner cheeks. It hurts to talk, much less chew and bite. So I prepared chicken porridge for buka puasa yesterday. A simple yet tasty meal. Furthermore, I was eager to watch the newly downloaded One Tree Hill Season 6. So, cooking cut short led to this :

* Prepare chicken broth : Chicken parts in a pot of water with cloves and cinnamon. Salt to taste.

* Pour the broth in 1.5 cups of rice. Add in sliced ginger and garlic. Cook until 'porridgy'. Right before it's cooked, pour half cup of coconut milk. Season with pepper.

Served ours with fried potatoes, shallots and ikan terubuk masin. Yum!

Tuesday, September 16

Fish Tycoon

I'm hooked up on this game. You breed the fish, find seven magic breeds, sell the fish, buy supplies for the fish, feed the fish and care for them. They breathe and eat just like real fish do.
It is so addictive. Last midnight saw Feisal sleep talking, mumbling 'ape lah orang jual ikan tu, mumbling je'. haha. He's hooked too. So much so of wanting to install this game at His office's PC. A calming screen saver too I must say. The sound of oxygen tank. *Bluurp bluurp*


May I present to you, my 'top of the list' favourite dish, soto; or chicken soup for that matter.

This was prepared even before I got married. Now that my brother is abroad, (who, come weekend, loves to 'order' soto from me) soto will only be prepared as and when I like. The last I prepared for one was last month when my parents came by.

* To make chicken broth, boil chicken breasts and carcass in a pot of water, together with cinnamon and one cube chicken stock.

*In a separate pot, place the usual spices (cloves,cinnamon etc.) into hot oil. Then add in shallots,onion,ginger,garlic (blended), and slightly crushed lemon grass and galanghal (lengkuas) . Lastly, add crushed fennel and coriander (jintan manis,jintan putih & ketumbar). Saute for few minutes.

*Add the prepared chicken stock and extra water into the mixture, one 'sup bunjut' and salt and pepper to taste. Let it simmer.

*To go with the soup, fry sliced potatoes (fries-like). I don't like 'begedil' so I opt for fried potatoes. Also fry glass noodles (suhun).

* To prepare soto, place shredded chicken breasts on top of few cubes of nasi himpit, potato fries and suhun.Garnish with coriander leaves and fried shallots. Pour the hot soup. Trust me, heavenly!

For chicken soup, I have not the patience to prepare chicken stock. So I just fry the spices and blended stuff, add chicken and lastly water. I love chicken soup. Last week, I had three healthful bowls of chicken soup in between berbuka and midnight. Insatiable indeed.

I don't mean to sound condescending, but I love my own-made soup/soto. I am proud to say that my Mum loves my soto/soup much!

Monday, September 15

Monstrous Truth

Queer, repulsive, unbelievable, funny and shocking; on the sexual orientation of those two boys. What more could possibly happen on this Holy Month.

Wednesday, September 10

There is something about the Swoosh

My brother, who will be back from Doha for a short break asked me if there is anything that I want him to get me. He offered Nine West handbags as they are cheaper there. Also, perfumes as they are also sold at much lesser prices. But I thought, I do not need more than five handbags, unlike most, if not all girls. And boy, five perfumes at present should suffice.

He bought a pair of Nike sandals for Feisal, adding to the latter's plentiful Nike collection. So I thought, why not channel my brother's generosity towards our love for anything Nike. A couple of Nike baby-Ts would be great, so I could waltz my way around at home in them everyday. Yes, I normally wear them at home only, for reasons I can't seem to ascertain. Or a nice big Nike luggage bag to go along with our Nike toiletries bag, our Nike carrier bags and backpack.

I am eyeing at two Nike shirts I saw last week at Subang Parade. *drools*

On this Holy Month

It has become hard for us to feel at ease even in our own country. Worst of all, improprieties are common.
People want to listen to fighting talks, but Malaysian politicians have been fighting a losing battle, whichever side they are at. Hence my inmost believe, in no uncertain terms, that these people are shallow. It would be ludicrous to think that things will take a turn for the better sometime soon. For all I care, I don't.
And what happened in Shah Alam is heartbreaking. Unwarranted. But they have been chosen to brave it as they are indeed brave. Oh we need more good hearts. Hearts unladen with hate, vengeance and bad faith.
Just like the politicians' discursive manner of talking and behaving, I too have a discursive style of writing.

Sunday, September 7


Feisal and I decided, on a Saturday, to have a 'kenduri' like berbuka. As if the kenduri food in Penang last week wasn't enough. Insatiable, indeed. So what better way than to spend my hungry moments with cooking.

So I cooked these dishes for us (except for the salad of course). Savoured every bite, so much so that I had two plates of rice during sahur.
So there, mutton curry, ayam masak merah, perut masak kicap (always has been a favourite) cooked for four (berbuka plus sahur).

*Perut masak kicap - Boiled for 30 minutes. Then saute blended onion, shallots, garlic and ginger, together with the spices (cinnamon, cloves,cardomom). After a while, add in oyster sauce, soy sauce, tomato sauce, one tspn of honey and water. Let it simmer, lastly add in the boiled perut.

*Ayam masak merah- Fry the chicken. Into hot oil, add in spices, blended garlic, ginger and two tbsp chilli paste. After a while, add in a small can of tomato puree, two tbsp chilli and tomato sauce, 1/4 cup of evaporated milk (didn't have any so I used coconut milk) and a pinch of salt.

*Mutton curry-Opt for mutton instead of chicken from the chicken curry recipe. But cooking mutton takes quite some time as its meat is tough.

There you have it. A kenduri-like meal for one pelahap couple.

Wednesday, September 3

My aunt-in-law and I just shared lots of recipes this morning and I can't wait to try them out. Anyways, I have been meaning to post this recipe even before I got married since this picture was taken then, so here goes.

*Fry chicken parts (coated in turmeric and salt) until crispy.

* Into hot oil, saute chili, dried chili, shallots, ginger and garlic (blended together).

*Add chili sauce, one tbsp oyster sauce, 3 tbsp tamarind juice and a pinch of shrimp paste.

* Add in the chicken and onion. Done!

Friday, August 29


Heading to Penang later tonight. Mak Tok's throwing a party, haha, not. A kenduri 'menyambut cucu menantu' actually. Flattered, so cute of her! I Love Penang and most importantly, its wide variety of food. Batu Ferenggi for DVD hunting tomorrow night with Abu. A nice retreat indeed.

Favourite Dish

I love chicken curry. Especially my Mummy's. This is a recipe I learnt from her, of course.

* Into hot oil; add star anise, cardamom pods, cloves and cinnamon.

*Add shallots, garlic, ginger, chili (all blended together), lemon grass and few curry leaves right after. Saute for 5 mins, then add in chicken parts and potatoes. Let it simmer.

*Next, pour in the mixture of curry powder (3 tbsp of Baba's curry powder in a cup of hot water) and add additional water, to your liking.

* After 10 mins, pour 1/4 coconut milk, one tsp of 'kerisik', 3 tbsp of tamarind juice (air asam jawa) and a pinch of salt.

My brother always say I make yummier curry than Mummy. awwh! This recipe makes for four. I like my curry to be less creamy and watery. Add more water and coconut milk if you like it otherwise.

Thursday, August 28


It is a customary way of thinking. My big brother Fairuz reminded me from Birmingham through Skype, of today. Brother Fairul texted from Qatar, reminding me of the same. Dedek texted past midnight, asking me "have you?".

Us siblings, interwoven with our tradition. Exchanging intimacies through a new level, as indicated, we are world's apart from each other.

Happy 58th Dear Handsome Father of ours, Hj. Mohamed Zain Abang Ismail.

Might I chime in? Two tickets to Bandung and Jakarta next year for two. (Not for the Birthday Boy, whose eyes are only set for tickets to the UK). So Mira called. Asni phoned. I said sure, it'll be fun! And so it is, the wives-hood of the travelling pants.

Jakarta Zoo, oh so wonderful. InsyaAllah. Muna, make up your mind fast!

Tuesday, August 26

I don't write much. I eat much.

The ever gloomy days eventuated in more eating and less writing.

* Sear the flour-coated beef. Remove. Fry chopped onion until caramelized, add in the beef, chopped potatoes and carrots.

* Pour a cup of chicken stock, two tbsp full of oyster sauce and tomato puree, and let it simmer for 30 minutes.
* Lastly add the broccoli, one tsp courn flour, a pinch of black pepper and one tsp dry bassil.

*Serve with french toast or white rice.

And a simple dessert..

* Put 1 litre of water to boil. Add 100gm caster sugar, mango gelatine and a can of evaporated milk. Stir for 5 minutes.

* Cool in the fridge. Serve with fresh, sweet mangoes.

* This recipe makes a great longan pudding as well. Puree a can of longan, and just add agar-agar sheets instead of any flavoured gelatine.

Saturday, August 23

Every Friday would be Go-Western Night. However, Feisal and I attended a doa selamat-house warming at my cousin's, leaving us preparing for a western lunch on what was otherwise last night's dinner. * Coat the fish fillet (seasoned with salt and pepper) with beaten egg, flour and bread crumbs.
* Fry until crispy.
* Fry potato wedges (coated with curry powder)
* Mix purple cabbage with thousand island.

Quick and easy, always the way to go.

Thursday, August 21

So here I am

I've decided to succumb to my eager and bored fingers, and revamp the blog.

And write, although I have lost the simple ability to.

But I do want to fill the gaps of the many weeks I have left blank, leaving me writing in retrospect.

And I wriggle my fingers to start.

Wednesday, August 20

A possible M.

My sunny life was interspersed with a dot. A seemingly harmless dot.

May I introduce to you; Life. Welcome to my life.

Wednesday, July 23

The month I adjusted to becoming a wife

Attuned to Feisal's living pattern in Subang, I cook three to four dishes daily. Some lazy days, I make sandwiches. (Recipes will follow suit).

That is the only art that I had to get myself accustomed to. Cook fast and be a fast cook.

His on and of snoring and sleep-talking? (Mostly work related). I just turn a deaf pair of ears on. No art required.

Sunday, June 22

The month I became a wife.

Indeed, it was the most meaningful day of my life. Needless to say, my heart tumbled and jolted as soon as we were pronounced husband and wife, slightly unnerved I was. Friday 13th, finally.

Thanks to dear friends who offered their physical presence and love, and for sharing with us our blissful moments. I can never thank you guys enough. And of course you guys enjoyed the adventurous Sarawak trip! That much I know.

Friday, May 9

He loves the wind chime hung on my bedroom's light.

But, he loves pan-pan more!

pan-pan: psst jaja, jom wrestling, as usual.

jaja: ok, no hal.

jaja: smell that?

jaja: smack that!
pan-pan: woi, dahla!! you win, as usual!

HAHA. Heart warmers aren't they. LOVE them to bits and pieces

Tuesday, May 6

The MAS low fare flights promo will only start in June, even so, I decided to fly home with MAS at the end of this month. My seemingly weak heart could not rough it anymore. Roughing it in with Airasia when I do not have the immediacy to fly home is fine. But I'm flying home for my wedding(!), so definitely MAS is the way to go, although a tad bit expensive.
My flight last week was horrendous, at least that's what I thought. My heart jolted and rattled over the floor. No way Airasia, not this time. Too wibbly-wobbly for me.
But I will be glad to be proved wrong on this account. Don't take offence, I still love your pilots Airasia! I have a thing for pilots. I really do ;)

Monday, April 28

Another recipe with oats!

You'll need:

Chicken breast
* Egg
* All purpose flour (add in crushed pepper and salt to taste)
* Coriander powder (serbuk ketumbar)
* grated parmesan cheese. (I didn't have any so opted for chili flakes. Owing to too many a time of ordering in Domino's Pizza, there are lots of them at home. So why not use them.)

1. Dip the slightly damp chicken breasts into the flour mix.
2. Dip them into the beaten egg.
3. Roll the chicken in the oats and chili flakes.
4. Deep fry in really hot oil until golden brown and crispy.

Credits to
(you TKC girls must know her), a very very talented cook. Stumbled upon her page, love it!

He who loves to sleep!