Monday, June 26

It didn't surprise me to hear that last weekend, my dear friend mar has given birth to an adorable baby girl. But man was I heartily relieved. We were all shocked when the news of mar's wedding broke as she was akin to a baby herself. Whilst other girls' faces would irradiate with sparks upon listening to stories of cute boys, chances are, mar would dismiss them with an impassive glare.
So, no surprise that we were all surprised of the wedding news. Come the baby.. we call her siti! This adorable siti stood by us through two final exams. not bad at all! One quiet noon, you'd see mar chuckling to herself, all of a sudden. well that's siti tickling her mama's tummy. Now siti's out to see the world. And her cheeks are delightfully flushed, just like her mama's :) And no, I doubt that mar+mun would be naming her siti. Congrats Mardhiyyah and Mr Mar!

Saturday, June 17

On thursday, just when I was busy looking busy, my friends at the firm surprised me with a yummy birthday cake.

As if all the surprise wasn't enough,nearing the end of my birthday, I was immensely shocked as I was presented with a Beautiful gift by my Beloved. It saw me mind-bended the whole night, a timeless beauty it sure is. The exact same watch that I so crave!

I can't thank U enough for such a precious gift. You are my Pride and Joy Dearest Feisal! and for that, I am truly thankful.

Thursday, June 8

"I can't be the only one who thinks too much is being made of the World Cup and that too much money has been spent on it, especially for a country like Malaysia with no direct interest in the competition." [NSTP]

Exactly! It's a one way ticket to a madness situation. Driving people up the wall, one would go to the extent of taking a whole month leave, if not resigning from their job. I said this once on a different note and I'll say it again. Just sit back and relax, (or sleep) commiserating on the smart of temporary defeat of some people.