Monday, December 31

Have a Blessed New Year all.

Apologies to all my friends for it was a really austere ceremony. Pictures

Friday, December 28

2007 will be drawing its curtain soon. My self-created record of not setting foot into the movie theatre/s for the whole of 2007 is on the brink of coming true! (Note to Nadia): That's One random thing about me. I don't even watch movies at home, much less the cinema, incuriously so.

Hence, my fondness for TV series. The OC, Tree Hill, bits of Grey's and Housewives. Drugs don't work for me, these series do. Seth Cohen, Seth Cohen, Seth Cohen.

2007- The year I learned how to take the rough with the smooth. Part-time teaching, I love. Studying, not so bad. Chambering and practice, yucks. (Shue and Nad, yay so true!) Haha. Beloved pets death (One cat, approximately 8 hamsters), very hard. As opposed to Nad, i FANCY animals. Tiny, gigantic, ferocious, cuddly, you name it. (A not so random thing about me ya guys).

2007-Also, the year I celebrated my last Hari Raya with my family proper, InsyaAllah. Next Raya, it'll be Subang and/or Penang and/or Kelantan and Kuching. The best Raya ever, thus far was this year's.

2007-I did learn not to squander on unnecessary things. 2 pairs of shoes, few tops, no handbag, books, couple of ornaments for my room. That was it, 2007 shopping.

The year that saw three of my closest friends getting hitched, (One almost). Asni's, Mira's and Muna's ceremony was heartwarming. And tomorrow, (again Nad, random thing: I never k
new how to spell 'tomorrow' until right now. honest!) there will be a small "merisik" ceremony at my place. Owing to the small sized apartment that I am living in, it'll only be us and close family members. Will upload the pics, maybe this year, maybe next ;)

Thursday, December 13

Little jerboa!

Incredibly, totally adorable! Meet our petite mickey mouse of the desert. Evolutionarily distinct, sadly, globally endangered. Welcome to the Encyclopedia little friend ;)

Saturday, December 8

The Little Teapot Shop Outing

Love the ambiance, the deco, the mag! Very cosy. SACC Shah Alam, just in case you're wondering ;)

Check out the teapots, real nice.

Thanks Dear Feisal for this! Senator Barack Obama!!

"Change we can believe in".

Friday, November 30

Live n Loud KL.

Note: Speechless...

"I felt strange, a warm sensation rising up inside of me
Oh like a tidal wave came from nowhere swept me off my feet
Oh but somehow making me complete now".

I Love you James boy.

Wednesday, November 28

R.I.P my baby, for now you will have the reclusive life you have always wanted.
Much and much Love from us all.

Am going back on Monday the 3rd. Registration's today. Environmental Law and Law of Evidence not offered this semester. Why why why! Been weighing heavily the other options that I have. Company; thankfully. Islamic Jurisprudence; have not a clue. (easiest Syariah subject says Mar the Ma'am). Research Methodology, have I a choice? Conflict of Laws; Prof. Altaf, ahhh.. *birds chirping. kids happily dancing. roses fully bloomed. candies and chocs*. So what is it going to be for me?

The OMG-Whatev's-me and my girls-oh-can't wait-to waltz-in with-my-latest-handbag and heels-to school; or

I-woke up-on the wrong side-of the bed-so no time-for shower-hence-my off putting behaviour-so what is-your problem-dude?!

You guessed me right. But! the glass must be half full. With coke. It obviates the need to be grouchy at school and/or towards my students (future) in Compulsory Moots and tutorials.

Monday, November 26

"It's Queen Elizabeth they want now"

"Next stop, Buckingham Palace! Having failed to submit their memorandum to the British High Commission, Hindraf has now pledged to take it directly to Queen Elizabeth II". [NSTP]

Ha ha ha. Utterly foolish. Seriously ridiculous. What are you people trying to contend? That you are the best when it comes to inciting racial hatred? Of course you are. Stop the impropriety already. Go erect the impregnable fortress of justice all you want. As if it'll help you people get what you want. Actually, what is it again that you people want? Oh yea, taken to extremes, see you in London aight! Implausibly silly.

Saturday, November 24

A visit

Us with Dearest Farah Nini and pretty Amani

"How come you didn't call me Coach?" [Morrie]

This cute Morrie of my own insisted on Us calling her Kak Nini. It'll take a lot of guts out of me to do so. I'd rather stick with Madam. But we being your friends as you put it, that, I can take. We gave Baby Ahmad's cukur jambul a miss last month, so a chance to finally say hello to the adorably tiny baby was delightful. Whose sleeping pattern is oddly ruled by having commotion around him. Weird baby lah you!

Baby Ahmad sound asleep, that's her Baby.

This, is her other cute Baby. Moosh's the name, or something.

To my cute bunny, if it's any consolation, you are not alone :)

We hit the Curve after. Did a bit of shopping, just the necessaries. Right. Look who we bumped into! Dear Mar and her Maira. We did the obvious, exchanged pleasantries, then went on to buy her bolster and my Beloved's pillows at Harvey Norman's sale.

What a Saturday. Real fun. Tomorrow is no different I reckon. Beloved Feisal has designed a cool James Morrison t-shirt template last night for us to don to the latter's show next week, I hope. Notice, my entries have been about what I've been up to of late. That's very.. err.. bloggish. My brain's not getting any stimulation I suppose. degeneration. cuti lama dah ma. I'll put it to right soon ya. Have a lovely rest of the weekend children of the world.

Friday, November 23

Let's do the pointe!

Been oogling at ballet pictures of late. Simply liberating. Not that I'm hoping for a resumption of my ballet dancing days, I just miss ballet plenty. There's just something divinely when you set your eyes on the scurrying ballerinas, pacing and waltzing their dainty feet across the floor whilst beautiful piano pieces pervade the stage. But truth be told, these graceful ballerinas do not most of the time have the most divine toes. Ballet too has its own ramifications. Be in ballet for long, then you'll be in for really dry, chapped and distorted toes. But hey, no complaints. I say give me regrets, ballet surely isn't one of them.

Now that's what I call the ultimate ballet style heels. I'm a born klutz, so it's most prudent to pass. I mean, who in their right mind would want to walk in these? Simply incomprehensible. Anyone? ;)

Wednesday, November 21

29th November. KL Convention. 8 p.m. For now, I just have to be patient, uncharacteristically so. can't wait! Nadia and Melat, he's gonna rock it.
I'm not lost, I'm not lost, just undiscovered.

Tuesday, November 20

She's married!

I have not the patience to wait for my Beloved to upload Muna's wedding pictures nor the courage to steal any from friends. (bodoh, tak bawak camera). If you must, go to Asni's blog for pics. hehe. So, here's a delayed entry for my darling roomie of four crazy, annoying, happy years! Whose bed I've slept on, whose drawers I've rummaged through, whose food I've eaten, whose clothes I've worn etc. It is indeed gratifying to see her happily married to her beloved Syed. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Syed. Much Love.

To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the wedding cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it;
Whenever you're right, shut up.- Ogden Nash

Note: Pics courtesy of Shue, which owe it one to Muna herself. Double stealing! That's dear Muna looking her very best. Gorgeous, VERY.

Sunday, November 4

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."

Encircled by a lovingly supportive family and much loved by your guy, I can't feel anything but unutterable happiness for you. To witness the sparkle of joy in your eyes yesterday was definitely worth our six years of laughters, tears, silliness and craziness.

Back in the days, you rejoiced over The OC whilst I drowned in One Tree Hill. You sang to the tunes of Elvis and oldies whereas I head-banged to the sounds of guitars and drums. You played sports with vigour whereas I danced with grace (or at least trying to). You loved reading fiction as opposed to non-fiction for me. You hit the movie theaters whenever you could whereas I distanced myself from any. You were invariably polite whereas I was always blunt. And most importantly, you killed ants unwittingly whilst I desperately salvaged them from your sight. ha ha.

So different So different yet so alike. Now, we share an unbreakable bond of love and bliss in life. Here's to her, my best girl, who thinks that I'm a good egg even if I'm half-cracked.

Wednesday, October 31

Right now, or as it has always been, all sizes of candles, boxes and vases with pink roses make it high on my list. Lots of boxes. So I could have them all on my dressing table, my book shelf, my floor. Everywhere. It soothes the quick-tempered me :) And, those fancy china need not only be used for tea, you can actually use them as cute vases. Fill them with pretty fresh flowers.

Monday, October 22

Formula ONE.

Hamilton who??! Dear Fellow Kimi Avid, our unerring faith in the Flying Finn has finally paid off! :)

Sunday, October 21

I'm guessing Hari Raya was great fun for everyone, hence their elaborate and interesting posts. Thus it is as well that i do the same. Only that, i have not colourful tales to tell. Flying home was definitely a time of great rejoicing. Being in the comfort of Kuching and my lovely family was most definitely delightful. Well, that is all there is to it. Otherwise, Raya'07 was pretty much austere. Only that, I had the misfortune of having to fetter my festive mood towards laceration, excruciating pain and a blue-black eye. Disgruntled at the way my eye was bulging, I grudgingly made way for an eye surgery. I don't mean to grumble on it, but an eye surgery on Hari Raya was not quite what I had imagined my Raya to be.

Owing to the efficacy of Dr. Wong's prescriptions, my eye resumed normalcy within days. Joy. Anyhow, apart from a brief interlude of pain, I had a wonderful time in Kuching. Maaf Zahir Batin to all.

Friday, September 28

"If animals could, they would protest most vehemently. Since they can't, I will do so on their behalf".

"Animals don't do what this despicable person did. They don't stuff cucumbers and brinjals into the private parts of their victims.The phrase “worse than animals” is erroneous. It would, however, be proper for animals to use the phrase “worse than humans". Animals kill out of hunger".

"We kill out of anger.Humans kill at the slightest of aggravations. We kill for revenge. We kill because we think our religion is better than the other person's or because someone has slighted our religion. We kill for control of natural resources. And some warped minds kill for pleasure".

"Please, let us not clothe these perverts with dignity by calling them animals." [NSTP]

Very well said my favourite Kathirasen! For, we must remember, it is our duty to not only protect fellow human being and mould our children into becoming wholesome individuals, but to also protect animals.

Who in their right mind would want to commit such heinous offence. Beyond reproach. Most definitely not an animal. I say shred these culprits' meat and feed them to the lions. Because, animals just kill out of hunger.

Wednesday, September 26

Sepetang di Zoo Negara ;)

I just love talking to animals. I do that all the time.

Si Comel :) And to YOU i shall sing ;

"U're a falling star, U're the get away car.

U're the line in the sand when I go too far.

U're the swimming pool on an August day.

And U're the Perfect thing to say.

And U play it coy, but it's kinda cute.

When U smile at me U know exactly what U do.

Baby don't pretend, that U don't know it's true.

Cause U can see it when I look at U.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times

It's U, it's U, U make me sing.

U're every line, U're every word, U're Everything.

U're a carousel, U're a wishing well,

And U light me up, when U ring my bell.

U're a mystery, U're from outer space,

U're every minute of my everyday.

And I can't believe, that I'm your girl,

And I get to kiss U baby just because I can.

Whatever comes Our way, We'll see it through,

And U know that's what Our LOVE can do!"

Monday, September 10

Ok, anger aside..

Congratulations Shue Dear!! I can't present you with a real cake, so it is as well that I give you a virtual one :) It is time to branch out on something new, something closer to your interest I hope. And most importantly, a break away from the vicious cycle of practice! Cheers! Love.

It is one thing to read about people doing unfathomable things, quite another to be witnessing them yourself. I had never known myself as someone who is capable of experiencing supremely, monstrous hatred. But quivering with repressed hatred I was, weirdly enough towards strangers. It didn't happen once, but twice.

I was, as on any other day, waiting for the shuttle to get to Uni. As usual, Terminal Putra was replete with students of UIA. Shoulders away from me sat a man in his immaculate attire (heading to UIA as well). Minutes later, shouldering loaded canvas bags, an umbrella hung on one of them, appeared a man whose physical condition indicates feebleness. Whilst walking towards the bus, without him realizing, the umbrella fell. Right before the immaculately attired man. And also some other students. At the moment of this discovery, I was confident that they would alert the poor old man by graciously picking up the latter's umbrella and handing it to him. Sadly, they did nothing of that kind..

On a different day (thankfully) on my way home, in the as-usual-full LRT sat two young ladies dressed in pretty kebayas, happily chatting. An old lady, also with bags on her shoulder came right in, standing (desperately balancing herself) right before the two SEATED ladies. It doesn't take a genius to claim that these ladies had indeed noticed the existence of the poor old lady who was the nearest and most direct to the ladies i.e. right in front. But chatting happily and unforgivably they still did. My desperate murmurs to win the old lady one of the ladies' seats were disregarded by them. And the old lady was still standing when I disembarked from the LRT..

You see, what good is your Degree (which is of course, just a paper qualification) or your immaculate style or your pretty faces if you can't even pay a speck of respect towards the elderly.
You people should have been swept up and be taken away to the ash bins!! Now that should do the trick.

Friday, September 7

"WOI! You think it’s easy being a taxi driver, ah?" [Rehman Rashid,NSTP]

Nobody claims that it is easy. By and large, it used to be noble. Now, for the most part, it's a cry of shame. There is no pricing policy, maybe true. But there sits a mechanical tool in your taxi i.e. the meter. When a tourist, whose foot is injured, asked to be sent back to Bukit Bintang (from KLCC), you demand for a payout of RM70, pricing yourself out of the market! She didn't have to part with even RM10 when she arrived at KLCC. Does it not prick your conscience, not even remotely?

Everytime my foot takes me to KLCC, where such occurrence is prevalent, I would gladly warn tourists at the taxi stand to ensure that the taxi's meter is switched on. Who would want to be ripped off for no justifiable reason? And one more thing, just because I look Malaysian does not warrant you any right to dismiss me right away! Stop being choosy. Tourists are no longer people whom you can simply deceive.

Oh, such discreditable acts however, do not emphatically apply to all of them. I've met really honest, decent and courteous ones. And it brings a smile on my face.

Tuesday, September 4

A weekend with the cats..

The name's Pidot.

A very curious cat I must say.

My hamsters couldn't wait to be shot of Pidot!

Mugs should never be left unattended!

Silky, who nearly got gnawed to death!

He is adorable no doubt. I was confident in the knowledge that he would not have harassed my hamsters. But I thought wrong. Pidot managed to outsmart one of my hamsters and got Silky out of her detachable enclosure. Silky almost did not make it. A very shaken hamster she is. Almost gnawed to death by a big cat. Owing to Silky's strong and brave soul, she survived :)

This little fella was not exempted. Got chased by Pidot!

Pretty Lala, Pidot's mom. A very well behaved cat.

Shue, I had never been so shaken around cats as I had last weekend!

Wednesday, August 29

The Audacity of Hope

My life, for reasons not beyond my control, had invariably been ruled with discontentment. Nothing seemed to assuage my thirst and hunger for things. Immeasurable amount of t.h.i.n.g.s.

Knowing that life is short and perfection hard to attain was the reason for not blinding myself to the fact that my life has to be grandeur. I am intent on my wanting to pare my life down to the simplest elements. I can no longer scour for any prudent explanation(s) to be spending on things with tags screaming exorbitant prices.

Why the need to be elite and stylish and beautiful. I just need reasons to be useful. Useful as a simple person. And that is one good reason to be proud living my own sweet life. Yes, change is good. Change for the better is even better!

Monday, August 27

"Tastebuds do not care for cultural and political barriers. They go past whether a dish is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, Kadazan, Bidayuh or Japanese to the fact that it is tasty.Nowhere is this most apparent than in Malaysia. Just look at our cuisine and you will know why we are the perfect melting pot — literally. The blending of the cultures and the fading of the lines that demarcate ethnicity are more apparent in food than anywhere else. We learn something from our common appreciation of food that makes us all forget whether the dishes on our table are Malay, Indian, Chinese, Serani, Kadazan or Iban and transfer that concept into our daily lives as we meet and interact with people. That’s what makes Malaysia and its people unique." [NSTP]
If only it is that simple.. Anyway, Selamat Menyambut ulang tahun ke-50 Kemerdekaan. I Love Malaysia, but not all of her people.

Thursday, August 16

Standing head and shoulders apart from the rest of the debauched female artists of her age, I would agree that Mandy Moore is classy. Nowhere is she near to living a decanted lifestyle. She exudes classic beauty, simplicity and elegance. That's why I would rather root for Mandy Moore and no other! Just watch her rendition of Rihanna's "umbrella" in Yahoo Music, sung acoustically. Cool. But due to my lack of, if not none at all, ICT knowledge, I could not post or upload the video here.

By the way, "Licence to wed" will be out this 30th, featuring Mandy of course. See, I have not the chance (or rather be bothered) to pay a visit to TGV nor GSC this year, not even once. Yep, call me a loser. haha. Maybe her movie will break my record this year? We shall see to that.

Ow, Shue! aku nak jadi cooker gak. tak pun lecturker ;P I know it was a slip of the tongue. English kau bagus :)

Friday, August 10

My first foray into the world of teaching; it doesn't take final exams to glue my eyes onto text books and case laws.

Back then, I disliked studying law with great tenacity. My state of being a bone-idle is beyond recall. I have not the passion for law nor the resilience to be in the odious practicing arena. But to be studying and reading law for the love of teaching is akin to branching out on something new. It resides in the fact that conveying knowlege is simply gratifying. A lackadaisical approach must never be the way to go.

I hope not to pander to most of the lecturers' wishes: guide the students in answering examination questions. No offence, it only takes excellent memory and the skill to regurgitate to pass the grades. Excuse me for 'appearing' condescending, but upon asked on the controversial issues in Atlantuya's case, say in relation to 'real evidence', by and large, my question would be met by empty glares, silence permeating the class. Fourth year students are you not.

The Kuliyyah has asked me to tutor students of Law of Torts 1 as well. Fresh bloods. At least it's not too late to convey them the message that examinations should never curtail their duties to keep abreast with the current development of law. And! English. Proper, intelligible English. heh.

The Kuliyyah looks pretty much dead to me now there's no one familiar in sight. Just the usual hye's and bye's with fellow acquaintances. Contrary to my practicing days whereby I'd be bumping into friends and have regular 'we hate our work' chats over breakfast. But I say give me 'lonesome' and 'friend-less' nature of work, as long as I'm contented and satisfied at the end of my day :)

Friday, August 3

Elo! i'm adorably cute, there's no denying that. I'm friendly too. Feed me carrots and i'll be nice to you. I eat chicken, yogurt, potato chips too. I know, i'm weird. very unbecoming of a rabbit. But who says i'm one?

Did i not tell you that i eat paint of the living room walls, nibble on sajadah and boxes. Yesterday i gnawed on my owner's charger into pieces! That's the art of becoming a depraved pet ;) But no, i don't eat hamsters.

Thursday, July 26

Tak tau plak Shafinaz Selamat tu tersangat-sangatlah talented! was watching NTV7's Nite of Soulful something, she was playing the piano with such amazing dexterity. dah lah nyanyi sedap! Thereafter, she sang this one very cool song. It's about a wife's revenge, probably to avenge her husband's infidelity kot. But the interesting bit is, the song has entirely no lyrics. As in, tade sentence or ayat proper. It's just this howlish-like hooo haaa huuuuuu.. You know, Josh Groban like. But it is undeniably cool!

In all seriousness, i'm far from creative like our Ma'am Mar. So takleh nak conceptualize interesting methods to tutor Evidence. Any suggestions kawan-kawan?

A whole month had passed since my incautious resignation and finally my everyday life is getting off the ground. I thought it is only fitting to start doing what i am passionate about, besides animals, English, cooking and teaching.

Baking! Enough baking in fits and starts. Having ample time to accomplish it now warrants my irreducible wanting to get a mixer this Saturday. can't wait, can't wait. Watching Channel 11 Nigella's Feast fascinates me.

Rich, devilish chocolate cake, creamy chocolate cheese pie. Simply scrumptious.

Monday, July 23


Always said I would know where to find love,
Always thought I'd be ready and strong enough,
But some times I just felt I could give up.
But You came and changed my whole world now,
I'm somewhere I've never been before.
Now I see, what love means


It's so unbelievable,
And I don't want to let it go,
Something so beautiful,
Flowing down like a waterfall.
I feel like You've always been,
Forever a part of me.
And it's so unbelievable to finally be in love,
Somewhere I'd never thought I'd be


In my heart, in my head, it's so clear now,
Hold my hand You've got nothing to fear now,
I was lost and You've rescued me some how,
I'm alive, I'm in love You complete me,
And I've never been here before.
Now I see, what love means


I love this saying.

"As long as we can love each other, and remember the feeling of love we had, we can die without ever really going away. All the love you have created is still there. All the memories are still there. You live on-in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here."

And i Love Him :)