Wednesday, August 29

The Audacity of Hope

My life, for reasons not beyond my control, had invariably been ruled with discontentment. Nothing seemed to assuage my thirst and hunger for things. Immeasurable amount of t.h.i.n.g.s.

Knowing that life is short and perfection hard to attain was the reason for not blinding myself to the fact that my life has to be grandeur. I am intent on my wanting to pare my life down to the simplest elements. I can no longer scour for any prudent explanation(s) to be spending on things with tags screaming exorbitant prices.

Why the need to be elite and stylish and beautiful. I just need reasons to be useful. Useful as a simple person. And that is one good reason to be proud living my own sweet life. Yes, change is good. Change for the better is even better!

Monday, August 27

"Tastebuds do not care for cultural and political barriers. They go past whether a dish is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, Kadazan, Bidayuh or Japanese to the fact that it is tasty.Nowhere is this most apparent than in Malaysia. Just look at our cuisine and you will know why we are the perfect melting pot — literally. The blending of the cultures and the fading of the lines that demarcate ethnicity are more apparent in food than anywhere else. We learn something from our common appreciation of food that makes us all forget whether the dishes on our table are Malay, Indian, Chinese, Serani, Kadazan or Iban and transfer that concept into our daily lives as we meet and interact with people. That’s what makes Malaysia and its people unique." [NSTP]
If only it is that simple.. Anyway, Selamat Menyambut ulang tahun ke-50 Kemerdekaan. I Love Malaysia, but not all of her people.

Thursday, August 16

Standing head and shoulders apart from the rest of the debauched female artists of her age, I would agree that Mandy Moore is classy. Nowhere is she near to living a decanted lifestyle. She exudes classic beauty, simplicity and elegance. That's why I would rather root for Mandy Moore and no other! Just watch her rendition of Rihanna's "umbrella" in Yahoo Music, sung acoustically. Cool. But due to my lack of, if not none at all, ICT knowledge, I could not post or upload the video here.

By the way, "Licence to wed" will be out this 30th, featuring Mandy of course. See, I have not the chance (or rather be bothered) to pay a visit to TGV nor GSC this year, not even once. Yep, call me a loser. haha. Maybe her movie will break my record this year? We shall see to that.

Ow, Shue! aku nak jadi cooker gak. tak pun lecturker ;P I know it was a slip of the tongue. English kau bagus :)

Friday, August 10

My first foray into the world of teaching; it doesn't take final exams to glue my eyes onto text books and case laws.

Back then, I disliked studying law with great tenacity. My state of being a bone-idle is beyond recall. I have not the passion for law nor the resilience to be in the odious practicing arena. But to be studying and reading law for the love of teaching is akin to branching out on something new. It resides in the fact that conveying knowlege is simply gratifying. A lackadaisical approach must never be the way to go.

I hope not to pander to most of the lecturers' wishes: guide the students in answering examination questions. No offence, it only takes excellent memory and the skill to regurgitate to pass the grades. Excuse me for 'appearing' condescending, but upon asked on the controversial issues in Atlantuya's case, say in relation to 'real evidence', by and large, my question would be met by empty glares, silence permeating the class. Fourth year students are you not.

The Kuliyyah has asked me to tutor students of Law of Torts 1 as well. Fresh bloods. At least it's not too late to convey them the message that examinations should never curtail their duties to keep abreast with the current development of law. And! English. Proper, intelligible English. heh.

The Kuliyyah looks pretty much dead to me now there's no one familiar in sight. Just the usual hye's and bye's with fellow acquaintances. Contrary to my practicing days whereby I'd be bumping into friends and have regular 'we hate our work' chats over breakfast. But I say give me 'lonesome' and 'friend-less' nature of work, as long as I'm contented and satisfied at the end of my day :)

Friday, August 3

Elo! i'm adorably cute, there's no denying that. I'm friendly too. Feed me carrots and i'll be nice to you. I eat chicken, yogurt, potato chips too. I know, i'm weird. very unbecoming of a rabbit. But who says i'm one?

Did i not tell you that i eat paint of the living room walls, nibble on sajadah and boxes. Yesterday i gnawed on my owner's charger into pieces! That's the art of becoming a depraved pet ;) But no, i don't eat hamsters.