Wednesday, February 27

Natural Law- Something I might know a thing or two about. Now, am expected to write an article on it, present papers ala seminar on it. Don't get me wrong, i Love Jurisprudence. By far, this is the only class depicting the real Masters level, as far as MCL is concerned.

Prof. Haseeb, you rock. The other two classes, disheartening. Nevermind that, next sem: Comparative Environmental Law with Prof. Haseeb yet again ;)

Monday, February 25

I fell into oblivion; didn't know that course registration for classes next semester is today. duh. So i just did. Next sem, class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That leaves me with Thursday and Friday, free. Finally, (InsyaAllah) I really get to be a housewife (part time). yayyyy!!! Cepatlah habis this excruciating semester. grrh.

Sunday, February 17

Tunku Abdul Aziz on the need to be proficient in the English language;

"The notion that having a doctorate is all that is required of a university teacher is one of the reasons why our standards are dismally low.

Displacing English in the name of nationalism has put this country back at least 50 years.

The unintended victims are the Malays who can find reasonable employment only in government agencies. With an English education, they do not need crutches to make their way in the world.

A change of this magnitude requires of our leadership moral and intellectual courage of the highest order, but this will make a dramatic difference to the way we compete for opportunities: for the Malays, doing without the reliance on government largesse for basic survival would make them a more confident people."

I love this article. Need I say more?

Saturday, February 16

The race, amazing?

I like them both. Fiendishly calm, patient and full of fun. The winning Singaporean team, Adrian and Collin did great, deservedly so. Such an amazing victory! Malaysian team came in second but the best bit was; the 'hunk factors' of the race failed to maintain their positions as formidable opponents. haha.

Having had endured pain, exasperation and brutal adventures throughout 10 countries and 15 cities, it all boiled down to one final roadblock: one's knowledge in the different facet of flags. Ow boy. The race was undeniably amazing! In spite of all, I still love Paula & Natasha. They rock.

Thursday, February 14

Have you had any?

I have this indefinable something called "Happy Sleep".

It's when I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, delighted at the thought of having had ample sleep, thinking that it's already time to wake up. But walaa, it's still way too early to wake up. It's only 2:30 a.m or 4:00 a.m. So I lay in bed still, gleefully encased in my comforter, delighted at the thought of having few more hours of sleep. The next day will definitely be a good day for me.

Thanks to my Happy Sleep!

Friday, February 8

Once upon a Bunny Story

My bunny gila already! Yesterday, we had lunch together. I had nasi beriyani, he had them too. I had keropok ikan, he munched on them too. Had ice cream for dessert, he licked on them too. Help. Much help needed.

A recalcitrant, can't seem to satiate his hunger. A human in his previous life maybe. One day, he might even nibble on me. God forbid!