Friday, May 9

He loves the wind chime hung on my bedroom's light.

But, he loves pan-pan more!

pan-pan: psst jaja, jom wrestling, as usual.

jaja: ok, no hal.

jaja: smell that?

jaja: smack that!
pan-pan: woi, dahla!! you win, as usual!

HAHA. Heart warmers aren't they. LOVE them to bits and pieces

Tuesday, May 6

The MAS low fare flights promo will only start in June, even so, I decided to fly home with MAS at the end of this month. My seemingly weak heart could not rough it anymore. Roughing it in with Airasia when I do not have the immediacy to fly home is fine. But I'm flying home for my wedding(!), so definitely MAS is the way to go, although a tad bit expensive.
My flight last week was horrendous, at least that's what I thought. My heart jolted and rattled over the floor. No way Airasia, not this time. Too wibbly-wobbly for me.
But I will be glad to be proved wrong on this account. Don't take offence, I still love your pilots Airasia! I have a thing for pilots. I really do ;)