Saturday, May 23

Assalamualaikum, Ahmad Emyr

AlhamduliLlah, Ahmad Emyr bin Ahmad Feisal, a.k.a. Baby E, has been safely brought to the world through the Ceasarean Section incision, at 6.24pm on 23 May 2009.

The decision for the C-Sect delivery was made after certain considerations were taken, including Ahmad Emyr's weight which was initially estimated at 3.8kg and there were no progress on the 2cm dilation.

Apparently, Ahmad Emyr is one sturdy cute baby whose weight is 3.9kg.

Welcome to the world.

-The Proud Father-

Monday, May 18


InsyaAllah, Little Man will arrive this weekend, fresh from the oven in a package replete with Love :)

Little Man is still happily ensconcing himself in his warm cocoon, prompting my doctor to induce his arrival this weekend.

Hopefully all will be well even though my brain is constantly mixing up visions of what-ifs and what-to-expect; and my body, well, heavy.

But I keep telling myself that trust and faith must be placed in oneself as our human body is capable of extraordinary things. Amazing and magical things.

Semoga dipermudahkanNya.