Sunday, May 28


My brother just got back from Sibu. As reminded, he did bring me the green coloured liquid that I so wanted. Air pisang. It does not assuage one's thirst, but it did a great deal of quenching my missing its savoury sweetness.
The last time I went to Sibu was in 2000, the year my grandmother passed away. You see, my nenek's place is far from sumptuous. So plain and nearing dilapidation was her house that it would quiver every time the bus passes by. "Rumah kayu, atas sungai" is the perfect description of her house. No kidding, her house was built and firmly structured in the muddy Sungai Rajang. You can actually dismantle the wooden flooring and fish from the rooms, just as what my brother did some years back.
As much as it is shaky during the day and eerily illuminated at night, this is the place where my Mother grew up. And the place where my siblings and I enjoy being in during the school holidays. See, the grass is indeed greener in Sarawak!

Friday, May 19

Bear Necessity.

Notwithstanding its enormity, our mr. grizzly here definitely fits the bill for cuddliness and handsome-ness!
I simply ADORE animals. Whilst human can become inhumane, treating these animals contemptuously, animals can never become in-animal.
Animal cruelty is on the up and news of such fiendish acts would evaporate into thin air after a moment of hoo-haa. We forget easily. But it's these creatures that suffer, rendering it a necessity to bear with us human.

Thursday, May 11

An excerpt from today's NST. It simply takes my breath, yes literally, away!
The president of the Malaysian Linguistic Association (Malas), Ambi Mohan wants the final Harry Potter book, which is yet to be released, banned. Check this out:

As a patriotic Malaysian, it is my duty to speak up," he says. "My sister Anadil, who attended a charity dinner hosted by an anti-drug foundation, told me that pot is slang for marijuana.
Therefore I suspect that Harry's surname of Potter indicates that he is a drug addict. Potter means he specialises in pot, just as a fighter is someone who fights.

Ambi confirms that he has no solid evidence to back this claim "but the data that we have is highly persuasive. Only a drug addict would imagine he is a wizard who can fly and disappear and perform magical tricks. "

There is no need to give this silly issue a think. Some people ho. *sigh*

Wednesday, May 10

A Tribute

Thanks to our capricious weather, it has been pouring profusely for the past few days. Unrelenting, boisterous wind obtruded, whistling its way through my window. Yet again, I would be reminded of one particular person whose state of desolation has always been a cause for concern.
He is no other than the abang mangga, whose friendliness is hard to discern but really, it is understandable. He sells mangoes under his austere giant payung in which, from my place, its distance is nothing. There he would be seen sitting during the day, waiting on patiently for potential buyers to pull over and buy his mangoes. There he would still be sitting at night, his stall illuminated by a sole dim light bulb. Rarely would he capitulate to the fierce weather, come rain or scorching heat.
Thus I am thankful, though most of the time I too am alone here, for this atmosphere of domesticity I am in. Oh, and he sells the sweetest and freshest mangoes one can ever get!

Wednesday, May 3

And of course, the five years journey would certainly be unbearable if it was not for Him!

End of the road?

No, it is time to rise ourselves to our full height. In our world of black & white, to err is human, thus no fault is irremediable.

Law 20 inhabitants, may the One Above be with us all in our future endeavours. Amin.

"When all you got to keep is strong, Move along, move along like I know you do. And even when your hope is gone, Move along, move along just to make it through."