Tuesday, October 28

My Best Friend's Wedding

Just look at her pretty face. Deserving every beautiful moment indeed.

Nah, no words could ever describe my feelings on those two eventful nights. Speechless.

Thursday, October 23

Songs for you, Truths for me

Honest to goodness cuteness.The only singer who could command my attention from first to last. My flippant attitude aside, I'm busy analysing the lyrics to his latest album when I should actually start on my essays on Constitutional Law. Oh well, amost anything goes for me these days.

That aside,
In two days' time, she'll be a gorgeous bride. She'll be at most very, very happy. I am very relieved to know that everything is well. Everything ought to be, InsyaAllah. Because she, my Best Girl, deserves the best. The very best. And to her, the person who knows me best, i love you. And now it's my turn to usher you on your Aqad night. Honoured :)

Friday, October 10

Eye Candy

Oh cuteness. tak tahan. geram. so cuddly, so innocent. nak kiss kiss!

Monday, October 6

I can't wait for Miera's wedding at the end of this month. But final exams will be knocking on my door right after. I can't wait for the semester break (or the end of Masters) to continue on doing what I do best ie. lay idle.The Uni people have asked me to sign in forms to become permanent teaching staff. But I have new considerations to consider.

Until then, I will be floating. As Miss Ahlam funnily puts it, "dark clouds hovering above your head".

Actually she mentioned something in light of Company Law. Not dark clouds. That's just me.