Wednesday, December 24


Earlier this month, I prepared these palatable seafood for lunch. And my parents loved them, so did Feisal and Achu Dedek. We had asam pedas kepala ikan jenahak, ketam masak lemak and udang galah kicap.

1. Soak the fish head in tamarind juice.

2. Saute belacan, turmeric, garlic and shallots (finely pounded) until almost crispy.

3. Next, add in few tablespoons of chili paste. Fry until pecah minyak.

4. Add in the fish head, together with a cup of tamarind juice, not too pekat nor cair. Let simmer.

5. Lastly, add in tomatoes, bendi, daun kesum and bunga kantan. Season with salt.

1. In a pot of water, add in crushed cili padi (a handful), santan, turmeric and salt. Let simmer.

2. Add in the crabs and simmer until cooked. (15 minutes)
For this, I used the same recipe as any masak kicap. Only that, I added few tablespoons of chili paste for the extra kick.

Happy Feasting!

Tuesday, December 23


20th day of Ramadhan, 5:30 a.m.

The anxiety voices and crowd in my head have finally unassembled, so I made my way to the bathroom. After falling over myself to sneak a peek, I finally saw the lines. There were two, bright lines. Rubbed my eyes. Nope, wasn't a fallacious line or two. Still there.

After what had seemed like a dream, I made my way out. Sat myself on the bed whilst Darling Feisal sneaked a peek at those two lines. The blank facade that He flashed at me wasn't helping much! The anxiety voices and crowd assembled once again, slowly invading my giddy head.

It wasn't a ploy nor was it planned with fastidious details. There We were, secretly rejoicing Our new found glory whilst waiting for the sun to come up.

27th day of Ramadhan, 11 a.m.

There it was, a black bubble on the screen. We smiled with pride.

Sometime ago that was. People often ask, why the rush? Enjoy while you are still young. I would silently answer, why not rush and enjoy? Life is short. Some would blabber away and dismiss it as a trend. Everyone's sashaying around with one.

Well, on mature reflection, it is most certainly not a trend nor a fashion statement. I have not any plans to waltz around with expensive-branded-wearing toddler if that's what trend is all about. They can't even decipher alphabets, much less read Osh Kosh or BabyGuess. No offence, that's my own opinion and plan.

I know I am ready as my Husband has always been ready. I know I can make a good parent as I am more than certain that my Husband will be a fantastic one. I know I can brave this as my Husband is here with me. In many ways, more than one.

Yes, He had the Couvade Syndrome and secretly wrote, 'For my wife, I will take that anytime'.

Alhamdulillah, because of that, I didn't have to endure morning sickness.

Alongside all the many reasons to be thankful for, what more can I ask?

We are half way there, four.five months. InsyaAllah, Darling Feisal will have a buddy to kick football with and support ManU with as this cute Baby of Ours is A BOY!

Sunday, December 14

On a Lazy Day

We decided to stay at home and laze around. More of pig around. Watching movies incessantly whilst munching on kerepek.The Husband decided to be a chef for the day.

For breakfast, We had these. Cocktail sausage with omelette and melted cheese.

Iced longan in fresh milk.

And He prepared this for lunch. Yummy mushroom sauce!

Now that is why Feisal is My King! A feminine one at that though.

Friday, December 12


I love going to SSF. I love its products, from small scented candles to extra lush flowers, to intricate porcelains and furnitures. What is not to love.

Mix and match ought to be applied though, not a fan of one-colour-one-type-only interior deco.

Tuesday, December 9

On Friday the 13th

The date often considered to be a day of bad luck.

This horror film will be released February next year, on a Friday. Friday the 13th. 2009 will welcome three Friday(s) the 13th, as opposed to one this year. But this year's was nowhere near horror.

Darling Feisal and I officially became an item on Friday the 13th, 2004. And got married almost four years later, also on a Friday the 13th. The only Friday the 13th for this year.

Anything but bad luck.