Tuesday, November 21

I am consistently inconsistent. That's beside the point. The point is, at last, am working on something that I enjoy most doing. Environmental Law. am working with Ambiga and Mr Raja on the drafting of Shoreline Management Bill. kinda cool I would say. You see, I would associate chambering with pregnancy. No liabilities just yet.
I am now feeling my way well into the final trimester, and you don't know as much as you think you do. Only at the end of the 9 months stint would you find yourself precipitated into the heavily loaded files that awaits. and you would have to stumble and crawl, just like any other babies would.
Judging by the company i keep, it really is hellish. An ungainly journey I should agree. The big Q is, whether one is ready or not. I shall conveniently pick the latter. Consistently inconsistent being.

Happy Birthday Puan Maisom Sulaiman. May Allah bless :)

Sunday, November 19


That's just me. I should think that my life's akin a quilt. Different design of clothes patched together into one. Life's like that. Hence my being unresponsive to my wanting to update my blog, letting my unswerving laziness take charge. For that matter, here's my quilt for the past two months or so.

1. Hamster gave birth to five litters. And last two weeks, snowball gave birth to another one but got eaten two days after. Thus, left with five again. But, owing to my blatant negligence, one died. got crushed by their plastic aquarium. Guess they are as fragile as i am.

2. The fasting month saw two of my chambee mates leaving the office. Charmaine and Pit have always been great company to us all.

3. Raya was predictably fun. Kuching is and always will be my Home.

4. Annual dinner was equally fun.
Bollywood dreams. After so many bloody years, I got to choreograph Indian dance moves (more malay-ish actually) with my oh-so-hebat comrade, Lydia.