Friday, January 30

A Little Note

To Dearest Asni, my Best Buddy, I am happy for you. Now that the 'cat' is out of the bag, I am sure everyone will be praying for your tiny miracle's well being and health. So will I. So, your paranoia and anxiety, enough already! Just take care, take your supplements daily and be happy! If anything, Abdul will be there to spoil you. ha ha.

Wednesday, January 28

My Life's happenings for those who wish to know :

1. Been watching 8tv for the past three days. Astro cable had been gnawed through to its last breath by none other than si putih nakal. Not that we can't watch tv3, last night saw us both 'listening' rather than watching Buletin Utama as the vision is akin to millions of bees on the screen. I'm sure you can conjure up that image in your mind. Feisal can't do without news, so at 8pm, He would ask 'boleh imagine tak muka orang dalam tv tu macam mana. As long as you boleh imagine the image, ok la'. Yeah.

2. I can now gauge my Baby's sleeping pattern. No, not the rabbit. The Baby in my tummy. He'll sleep once Feisal hums to him, which is few minutes after I lie down, not forgetting, after several karate kicks. He'll then wake up at 10:30 a.m. EVERY morning. No kidding! (I once played a whole Green Day song to my tummy at 9:30 a.m and he refused to budge an inch). Hopefully, he'll be tardy for school and stuff. What's "tepat" in Arabic? Maybe we should call him 'Ahmad Tepat'.

Oh, that's about it. My life is so simple :) Ah, now back to watching 8tv.

Friday, January 23

1, 23.

For a 28 year old; considerably young still, my Husband's facade screams otherwise. But, He's becoming more of a kid by the day. A big bully, a cheeky and funny guy He is. Thank you for painting my life with colours of all sorts. Anything but soul destroying.
His becoming of age is just another day. It's Father's Day that I am looking forward to. InsyaAllah :) Will Our son inherit His signature eyebrows? ha ha. I Love You nonetheless Feisal Boy.

Wednesday, January 21


Last Saturday, I met this little fella at our uncle's family get together, amid cheerful children and not to mention a clown. Looking so forlorn and agitated, I felt obligated to cuddle and calm this little fella down. So there I stood, overfond of this fella, silently hoping that Feisal would say yes. Yes to my wanting to take this fella to the vet, and yes to my forlorn hope of keeping him.

Perish the thought already. Of course it was a no. Mainly because this cute creature is owned by the condo's management. So I had to let him go, and not that I know not how, I just love him already. All creatures big or small must be in want of love and care, and it seemed to me that there was a scarcity of the same. Too bad, and on our way home, I blurted "His name is Ginger".

Check out his expression. The same night, this little boy merajuk. He took one sniff at my baju kurung and instantly he smelt something foreign. It's only Ginger silly, your it-was-not-to-be buddy.

Tuesday, January 20

Cooking made simple

With the weight I'm carrying, I try to keep cooking fast and simple. One that requires minimal dexterity and preparation, so as to minimize, if not prevent a nasty backache.

And this little Boy loves it when I cook, that's when he's most active, besides after every meal that is.

Check out the recipe here!

Monday, January 12


Kuching - Perpetual rain, flood alert, can't wait to fly home again.

Kuala Lumpur - Perpetual kicking and poking, baby alert, can't wait to meet him.

Gaza - Perpetual carnage, on perpetual alert, can't wait for it to end.

Wednesday, January 7

Pan Boy

I'll be flying home later today. And Feisal and I have just dropped my cutie pie off at my cousin's, just two floors away from us. And here I am, away from my bunny, strucked by a phenomenal amount of sadness.

My cousin's unit and ours, its distance is nothing. But I can't come knocking on people's door at 2 a.m. can I? Only to then tell them how much I miss my bunny and needed to see the same right away, after being apart for only five hours. Deranged.

I can't help but imagining him hopping around happily around my feet, silently asking for treats. Delirious.

Sorry for you have to sleep in your cage as opposed to your favourite spot in the living room Pan Boy.

I'm in for a bunny meltdown!

Friday, January 2

All I need.

I loved 2008. And I will feel the same for 2009.

Everyone had their fair share of having to take the rough with the smooth. As did I. But I love my life nonetheless.

Just don't stop loving. Here's to permeating and surrounding oneself with love. Hello 2009. And of course, I love you all.