Monday, April 28

Another recipe with oats!

You'll need:

Chicken breast
* Egg
* All purpose flour (add in crushed pepper and salt to taste)
* Coriander powder (serbuk ketumbar)
* grated parmesan cheese. (I didn't have any so opted for chili flakes. Owing to too many a time of ordering in Domino's Pizza, there are lots of them at home. So why not use them.)

1. Dip the slightly damp chicken breasts into the flour mix.
2. Dip them into the beaten egg.
3. Roll the chicken in the oats and chili flakes.
4. Deep fry in really hot oil until golden brown and crispy.

Credits to
(you TKC girls must know her), a very very talented cook. Stumbled upon her page, love it!

He who loves to sleep!

Friday, April 25

Started watching TreeHill four years ago, slightly before I dated Feisal Boy. Now that we're almost married, am falling in love with the show even more. It is not just any forgettable show. It brings out the life in me, so to speak.

These incredibly talented characters have grown into such amazing individuals, hearts filled with dreams and hopes; as it has always been, their lives enraptured in unpredictably intense drama. I'd be engrossed with watching them at any time, without fail. What's more, now there's Jamie, the ever handsome boy, whose charm and smartness endeared him to me.

Here's to hoping, dreaming and living our lives with the every motion of our hearts.

Thursday, April 24

I've never seen Feisal so annoyed until last night. Not the angry kind of annoyed, but the childish and stubborn yet so cute kind. Had I known holding an umbrella would make Him so annoyed and fatigued at the pasar malam, I would have held it myself. Only that, I have such an ineptitude when it comes to handling umbrellas, too bad. Now I know, He dislikes holding an umbrella in the rain. But I know for a fact that He's fine with holding on to one, to goof around and dance not unlike the American Idol rejects. haha. Feisal Boy, You never cease to bring chuckles to my face!

A little Shout Out to Nur Shuhadah Md. Jamal !
On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;

I hope all of your wishes come true;
May each hour and minute be filled with delight;
And your birthday be perfect for you!"
-Joanna Fuchs-

Wednesday, April 16

How do I even begin to describe him. He's the Bomb! Totally authentic.

Seriously, move over lah Akademi Fantasia. Pure embarassment, sheer stupidity, tak sedar diri, syok sendiri. Don't take offence, I'm just being myself. brutally honest.

Enough already, I hope David wins!!

This cute, adorably smart little 'Jamie Lucas Scott', I will get to watch tonight! After three weeks break, Tree Hill season 5 (episode 13) is back! 13 is always a lucky number ;) I love this boy lah!

Sunday, April 13

Insya-Allah, in 2 months.

Honestly, I don't see the fun in preparing for a wedding.

No offence, who cares about your wedding invites. Who would care to remember what flowers you picked for your pelamin. Who would even bother to scrutinize your wedding veils or dresses.

It can be a simple affair if you want them to be. That's Our plan.

For the unconditional Love Feisal showers me with, for the perpetual support and strength throughout, for the faith He has in me, and most importantly, in Us, I honestly couldn't ask for more. Thankful.

Indeed, all I want is a blessed and blissful Marriage with my Feisal, not a perfect Wedding. Amin.

Thursday, April 10

Had a good day to myself today, baked oatmeal cookies for Feisal Boy. See, He's not fond of eating oatmeal, so He requested for me to bake them as He Loves cookies! My pleasure :)

The recipe, got them

However, instead of using peacans/walnuts, I opted for cornflakes to add extra crunch.

Also, I never bought ground cinnamon, so what I did was; grate 1/4 of a cinnamon. And I added a small amount of chocolate rice.

hehe, tell me about modification.

Can't do without choc chip! Before headed to the oven.

and, walaa! End product.

Giant cookies!

Fit for my King :)

Happy trying! Fit for your loved ones as well. Easy!

Tuesday, April 8

Exams are OVER, finally! Time to relax and enjoy. and care less, and feel free, and be merry. I have only my wedding to think of now ;)
*Finally, wedding mode switched on*

Monday, April 7

"Look at this stuff
Isn't it neat?

Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?"

My mum, in her quest of overhauling and renovating my room into bilik pengantin, over extended her authority. My teddies given by a dear friend back in Manchester were given away. That I can take. But there hung two most treasured posters on my wall, neatly framed. I reckon it has been there for more than 10 years. I know I shouldn't air any of my grievances to her, hence this outlet. To her, I'm getting married. So let's dispense with all the cuddly and colourful collectibles. So now my room needs to be womanly I suppose?

I have a special bond with this particular poster. Disney, i've always loved. So much so that I actually memorize most, if not nearly all of its scripts. Beauty and the Beast, Lion King and the likes. But most importantly, I remember watching Little Mermaid during my English class in primary school. My teacher was of course less than enamoured with my English skills, or lack thereof! I did relatively poor in English back then.
Then only I started to read. and read, and read a lot. The movie, an inspiration it certainly was to me.That's besides the point.

It is every little girl's dream to go to Disneyland. So yes, this poster was bought in Disneyland, Paris, an experience most definitely not forgettable. The freedom and opportunity of gallivanting across Europe is of course, hard to come by. I'm not rich, nowhere near. So when will I get the chance to go again?

Nevermind lah. To whomever my mom gave this poster to, I hope you cherish it as much as I DO. May this poster illuminate your life with hopes and dreams, as it has done mine. May it bring happiness to you, little girl. A consolatory ending indeed :)

(I mentioned two posters right? The other one is Dedek's Beauty and the Beast. haha, no exception.)

Sunday, April 6

A delayed entry. Some two weeks ago.

His passion has always been anything football, hence His latest BABY :)

Nope, not us!

Nope, not me.

Yes, THE Baby.

It's an Art.

Now this is art ;p
Believe you me, TGIF pale in comparison to this yummy nasi lemak!

What an experience. FUN.

One Fine Day

Since Prof. has already
divulged what's going to be asked on the 8th (last paper!), we decided to lepak-lepak. It has really been a while...


Fork attack!

TGI Friday? not just yet.

Wednesday, April 2

Yes Dedek, tengah finals*

Another paper to go, AlhamduLillah, God has been very generous despite my innately laziness. I had six days to revise Private International Law and it was my innermost intent to only start on the fifth day. I may have been doing myself, or my grades rather, an injustice. But don't get me wrong, the subject is anything but boring. It did regale me with strikingly interesting cases, though absurd at times. The paper this morning was good. Islamic Jurisprudence last week was no different.

Smooth sailing thus far. Smooth though it has been, I wonder what makes a student a good student. Is it grades? or how earnest and tenacious one is at studying? I don't believe in the former, as I've seen students with good grades but performs rather poorly in the 'university of Life'. The latter, study all you want but if you suck in application, you just suck (don't take offence).

Thankully, I'm neither. All I want is a satisfying job that runs parallel with my passion. (Of course, anything to do with animals is most welcome!). And, after my last paper on the 8th, I'll have the earliest opportunity to read books written by great writers, not forgetting my daily dosage of NST. Knowledge in life is indeed great.