Wednesday, January 30

Brag Much?

I have never had a good record as a student much less an unequalled record of success as one. Always saw studying as an unendurable experience, executed in the name of examination. Hence my quest in re-skilling the students with insights on what to expect in the years to come. In marking test papers, I would emphasize on English. They saw this as a threat. duh. If your sentence doesn't make sense, you can't make out your point kan.

I don't expect perfect comprehension of English or law for that matter. One's effort in improvising and developing one's skill is always commendable. I have great respect for this one particular student, Mustaqim. Very participative and committed, regardless of his sometimes incomprehensible English. Can't express my admiration for him much, but regard this as my being extremely complimentary about his efforts. Deserving of the 10% participation marks, totally. That was last semester.

The Kuliyyah had recently informed me that out of 16 part-timers, I am ranked at no. two. Muzaffar (very brilliant) scored 95.6% for the TER (Teaching Efficiency Rate or something). I scored 94.7%. The gap with the rest; quite a gap. For that, I am humbled and thankful. Don't mean to brag much. It's just that this is the first time of my attaining what I perceive as satisfaction. I was never great at whatever I did previously. Just the beginning, nothing to be proud of.

So now, the Head of Department persuaded me to apply this Fellowship scheme, to further Phd abroad. Once apply, granted, just go. But I feel it's too early to be doing that. Plus, baru nak settle down. Bile pulak nak dapat anak (InsyaAllah). haha. But in all seriousness, I have not the heart (yet) to be part of the teaching staff. Plus, talk is rife that it's hard to gain admittance as a lecturer. Furthermore, am unsure whether I can blend in with the familiar-yet-so new environment. It does get depressing at times when you are neither there nor here. Very inexplicably weird feeling. Can't seem to iron out my thoughts. What is it that I really want.

Sunday, January 27

Johan Jaafar in yesterday's NST wrote;

KHALED Hosseini's The Kite Runner is a brilliant and powerful novel -- in fact, one of the best I have read in many years. It is a story of friendship and redemption that spans more than three decades, beginning in Kabul just before the Russian invasion.

Yea, totally agree with him. The book is replete with beautiful characterization. It is invariably nice to have a book with you no matter where you are headed to. After all, I belong between the covers of a book. Being alone is always nice. That's a new way of life, at least for me now. Except for weekends, i have Him :)

Thursday, January 17


I'm not fond of cupcakes because I find them too sweet. Cupcakes appeal to my eyes though. This was taken some time ago, when we had nothing better to do one weekend. Back then, have not a mixer, so it took four hands to beat the egg whites until fluffy and light, just to make the white icing topping. Real fun, strenuous and rigorous workout. Now that's my kind of exercise ;)

The past two days saw me frustrated with my students. Way too blur. eg: Miss, must we support our answer with the provisions from the Contracts Act? Duh. Is it not the primary source of law. 4th week of class, not even a single student brought the Act with them. Not my place to pass any judgment, i know. But, dah lukis chart cantik2 kat board pun still duh. Nonsensical. Questions from me would be met with blank buat bodoh face. Thus warranting my bebel. Weirdly so, I membebel in such a lembut way (you guys know how I talk, so not santun). Geli pun ade. Maybe I was so dejected. Maybe that's my 'motherly' instinct kicking in. haha, stupid. Perasan.

It's nearly 3 am but can't sleep. Wednesday's a busy day. Lectured Legal Method at 11am, tutored Contract 1 from 2-5 pm. Attended own lecture from 5-9 pm. Body was aching all over, thank God for my lovely Feisal. Drove all the way to fetch me. Somehow I'd be sleepy in Islamic Juris class. So during the 30 minutes break, went to Nescafe and grabbed a bite. Now I just have to get used to eating alone. Lunch everyday also alone. lala. One just needs to acclimatize oneself to the new surrounding. Only that, it's not so new. Decided on my assignments' topic. Animal Testing; for both Islamic Jurisprudence and Research & Methodology. That should keep me sane, at least for a while.

Great thing that Thursday is my free day! Today am meeting Muna for lunch, to make up for my missing the other day. After, nak register kursus kahwin. Then maybe loiter at Jalan TAR. *yawns* Owing to the silly stories that I've heard from the attendees of kursus kahwin, am not looking forward to attending the course. Ahhh, thank God for Ipod.

(I've come to terms that I've temporarily lost my ability to write proper. So excuse my language. This may be my new style of writing, lepak. No frills. 2008 should be a great happy laid back lepak year!)

Tuesday, January 15

At your disposal cik Midah. I'll post entre'e and main course recipes when I have the time ok ;) This is my favourite recipe as far as baking is concerned. Easy peasy.

200 gm unsalted butter,
200 gm caster sugar,
200 gm flour,
3 eggs, (rule of thumb: gradually add in eggs one by one)
one teaspoon vanilla extract,
3 tablespoons chocolate powder(dissolved in hot water).

Whisk them all ala Nigella Lawson i.e. dump into a food processor and let the magic happen. (But I feel it is prudent for one not to mix the dry ingredients with the wet all at once). Before baking them in a preheated 180 celcius oven for 50-60 minutes, throw in nuggets of chocolates. Opt for Toblerone. The best. For topping, melt dark chocolate with few tablespoonfuls of icing sugar, butter and milk. Melts in your mouth ;)

Monday, January 14

Four years, six months and two days later.

Season Five is on, premiered on the 8th. Watched two healthful episodes. The slightest view of One Tree Hill is always good company. Rekindling and reawakening the senses in me. A friend I've never had, totally. By the way, Jamie, (Nathan and Haley's son) the smartest boy ever. Well, to no one in particular and everyone in common;

"You can choose to blame your circumstances or fate or bad luck or bad choices; or you can even fight back. Things aren't always going to be fair in the real world. But for the most part, you get what you give. What's worst; not getting what you've wished for or getting it but finding out it is not enough. The rest of you life is being shaped right now; in the dreams you chase, the choices you make and the person you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time and the rest of your life starts right now".
-Haley James Scott-

Inspiring, truly.

Friday, January 11

Maal Hijrah. Tahun Baru but no new resolution. Since when have I started on having one anyway ;) Been trying to keep up with the pace. Now so malas to update blog. Not into writing anymore lah. Flair no more. Also no time to go online. Hari-hari class, morning teach, afternoon tutor, evening attend class. Go home at 9pm. Reach home an hour later. Then pengsan.
But today class ended at 7 p.m. So went to KL Stadium with my Feisal to watch football. So cool. Player No. 10, you rock lah. Tomorrow also want to jalan. Am looking for new bed linen. Also, contemplating on purchasing this Rm1000 plus fine bone china tea set. Simply exquisite, with rose motives. Exorbitant luxury though. Well, priorities and interests alter. So does mine.
Oh, Pull and Bear Pavilion so cool. Madrid shopping. Lots of nice cardigans and tops. Miera got herself a really cool jacket today, i like. She likes it too. The Spring; a shopping mall, just made its way in Kuching. Charles & Keith opening really soon. Weird, they seem to love Borneo. First Kota Kinabalu. Now Kuching. Shuey, in June go shop there ok. Now Kuching has its own Guess, Esprit and few more cool shops. Not bad. What else huh. I am currently madly in love with this particular song. Faizal Tahir's "Sampai Syurga". Beautiful violin and choir. Not bad a job fellow Malaysian. Life is good now, hope yours is too.

p/s: pic taken from decor8. Another great blog on home decor!