Tuesday, July 11

Still in a periodic brain degeneration, I think it is as well that I reproduce another entry by my senior-cum-colleague, Hameedah.

I cant believe it.I was actually looking forward to go to work today. Not because i had a million dollar case to settle or because it was increment day, but it was the finals of Pictionary for the RDL games and our team was in it to win! Secret codes were being passed all day. Secret discussions were held illegally behind closed doors.
At the games, we started off a bit slow compared to Team D who had the advantage of HL and some partners who were so in it to win. But in the end we did it! We won and the results were soo
close!!! I was barely breathing when the referees counted the results. Yeah! NOw we are leading and the other teams will just hafta catch up.
If only there were Games everyday. Sigh.

At this juncture, am having a blast at the firm. Everyone's remarkably pleasant. Never will you see people ingratiating themselves to the seniors, unlike the stupid politics world outside.

p/s: Our team captains. Mine is the one looking confusingly retarded with that mask of his. thanks to kelvin for splurging on ice creams for us today. the fridge does look delectably good with bucketloads of ice cream in it.

Flipper's Gone.

A tribute to my ludicrously silly buddy. Actually, am too lazy to write so I thought I might just as well reproduce an entry written by her :

"Words of Wisdom

I am now in DC. Arrived on Friday evening and fell asleep on a couch at the house of the dinner host while waiting for dinner. Sleep some more for about 16 hours on Saturday (3pm-12 am, 3am-9am). Might as well sleep now, since I can only blame it on the jetlag for a few initial days.

Woke up hungry in the middle of the night and re-heated some food. Switched on the TV, and saw that nip/tuck was showing, causing me to giggle uncontrollably. Remembered a silly conversation about a year ago with afriend. Was telling him that the only reason I watch Charmed is because the devil (who became a doctor in nip/tuck) is cute. His immediate question was," Which one (doctor)? Nip or Tuck?". Decided last night that it's Nip after all.

When I was queuing up at the registration desk behind fellow summer program-going people, I was reminded of miera's parting advice," Jangan buli orang putih!". Haha! (she was elaborating to Muna's earlier advice, "jangan buli orang"). My mom is no better, the last thing she said to be, rather exasperatedly, is, "Try to be a good girl".

Scanned the horizon, and didn't see any "hot Italians", as Farhana ordered for me to bring home. Hardly surprising, since the last time I went to South Africa, she asked me to bring home '2 slaves' as souvenir.

Yes, I'll try my best to live up to everyone's expectation. Which should not be that hard since the standard asked for is rather low. No one told me to study hard. Nearly everyone said, "Have fun". Which medah and skar found disturbing, making skar to make a long five minute reminder that in Harvard, as opposed to uia, people actually have to attend classes. An that I should do that too.

The best advice i received? Have to be Ein's. She told me," You have to stop being stupid".

Speaking of which, I trust she'll be having the time of her life in Harvard. Thank you for making my final year in uni enraptured with a Beautiful bleak. Many happy returns to you all the same.