Wednesday, October 31

Right now, or as it has always been, all sizes of candles, boxes and vases with pink roses make it high on my list. Lots of boxes. So I could have them all on my dressing table, my book shelf, my floor. Everywhere. It soothes the quick-tempered me :) And, those fancy china need not only be used for tea, you can actually use them as cute vases. Fill them with pretty fresh flowers.

Monday, October 22

Formula ONE.

Hamilton who??! Dear Fellow Kimi Avid, our unerring faith in the Flying Finn has finally paid off! :)

Sunday, October 21

I'm guessing Hari Raya was great fun for everyone, hence their elaborate and interesting posts. Thus it is as well that i do the same. Only that, i have not colourful tales to tell. Flying home was definitely a time of great rejoicing. Being in the comfort of Kuching and my lovely family was most definitely delightful. Well, that is all there is to it. Otherwise, Raya'07 was pretty much austere. Only that, I had the misfortune of having to fetter my festive mood towards laceration, excruciating pain and a blue-black eye. Disgruntled at the way my eye was bulging, I grudgingly made way for an eye surgery. I don't mean to grumble on it, but an eye surgery on Hari Raya was not quite what I had imagined my Raya to be.

Owing to the efficacy of Dr. Wong's prescriptions, my eye resumed normalcy within days. Joy. Anyhow, apart from a brief interlude of pain, I had a wonderful time in Kuching. Maaf Zahir Batin to all.