Wednesday, September 27

As I was explaining my condition to the doctor, on how I vomitted couple of times, the doctor interpolated.

Doc: Pregnant kot.
Me: nope, can't be.

The dear doctor fell into oblivion and continued.

Doc: When did you get your last "you-know-what"?
Me: I can't be pregnant. tak kahwin lagi!

Then she flipped my medical record card. And walaa, status: kahwin.
And I accepted that with equanimity. If it wasn't for my viral fever.

Saturday, September 23

i missed it. thankfully, there's a replay tomorrow at 6 pm. but am trying to manage my time for that. will be leaving for kLia to send a colleague, leaving for Newcastle. for good. Decision decision. It's after all, my call.

"Happy Birthday to my Dearest Mom."

Wednesday, September 13

How nice would it be if I can manage to dispense with all the dramas and drunken emotions of life. and live my life in One Tree Hill.

Monday, September 11


Last night, my Beloved and i figured out the monstrous truth about our hamsters, chippy & snowball. It so happened that chippy was all along a male, and we blindly thought that he was a 'she'. Now they're courting and chippy's basically a recalcitrant. Check this out, hamsters mate and gets pregnant for only 16 days. give birth and re-mate time and time again. There's going to be lotsa baby hamsters in too short a time. and i'll be floundering around. Well, I miss my little friends when I'm away from home. Come to think of it, it really isn't half bad to have their babies is it?

Friday, September 8

In hindsight!

I wish I never did quit playing the piano. One's talent is of course, extendable but i quit even when my ability to play was nowhere near aptness. I can scarcely remember my teacher. A grouchy lady she was. But that doesn't alter the fact that she was a flawless performer and i conversely, was flawed. Not only was playing the piano tough, it never piqued my interest. Now, how I wish I could play the piano with amazing dexterity. Or at least, play 'happy birthday'! *sigh*

Monday, September 4

Larger than Life

Dear Steve,

You talk incessantly akin to a parrot, only that it's your least favourite animal. You sit astride on rescued crocodiles, only to find them snapping back at you. You live a life befitting a universal phenomenon, a renown naturalist without a doubt. In a flicker of a second, talk became talked and sit became sat.
I was reduced to tears on my way home, only to have people staring at me. They must have figured that i just ended a tattered relationship, heartbroken as can be. But it's your passing that left me heartbroken, encircled with deepest grieve. You know, it doesn't take a genius to tell how much i ADORE you, i don't even know where to begin. I can't imagine the loss felt by Terri and your beloved Bindi & Bob, deeply distraught they must be. But there's one thing i am sure of, that you will be sorely missed by many. May God bless You & Your Darlings.