Tuesday, June 26

"A fellow friend has quit her work while I haven't even started on one. For that, we differ. But for everything else, we are pretty much the same.

She wasn't happy with what she was doing. I cannot be sure I would be happy with what I am going to do.

She once told me she would be very content with life by "just writing". I am sure I would lead a very fulfilling life with "just writing".

Perhaps life as professionals do not suit us. Perhaps we would be satisfied with sitting with only a pen and blank papers onto which we can pour our ideas on & educate other people with our writings or fill their free time the least. Regardless of how much we make for living.


Well Nadia, my law books will be collecting dust pretty soon. It's never about stepping up a notch and be at par with the rest. Just be merry and live life cool.

It was eventful indeed. How you've grown into a lovely woman Asni. Cheeks delightfully flushed as the topic marriage was discussed(which was most of the time that is). Thanks for a great day and no, i am not a stalker!!

"There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends."

Wednesday, June 20

Puan Aishah & Puan Meedah at Meedah's wedding. Selamat Pengantin Baru Meedah & Faizi. Wishing you guys all the best in life. It was a joyous ocassion having met the whole RDL bunch and UIA seniors.

Monday, June 18

a very nice catch!! from Furla, am aiming for this particular one, if ade in KL that is. Went to KLCC three days in a row last week, friday with Beloved; saturday, with abu, hazim, khairil & azmi bear and sunday with Mummy. of course didn't have the guts to stop by at Furla for it's redolent with yummy bags with exorbitant prices. but i really wanna check this particular one out, too yummy to resist ;) maybe this saturday i will, right Asni ;) see ya chicka.

Wednesday, June 13


Yet another Our Day! Lets get married and be merry Dearly Beloved.

Dear Miera, thank you ever so much for the best gift ever- dua' before the Holy Kaabah. That, i thought was very thoughtful of you dear sidekick! and yes, you got His name all correct ;)

Tuesday, June 12

Last week, my redoubtable Buddy, Melati attended the ever auspicious Harvard Graduation Ceremony. So now, i reckon Melati and sheer stupidity don't quite match up.
One thing for sure, you certainly have lent a shade of meaning to "comprehensive excellence". You might hate me for graciously publishing your pics but what the heck! You are a million miles away. Congrats Missy :)

there she goes..

Joy! sharing a Mom and Daughter moment. awwhh.

she had my sms photographed. Decipher the content all you want.

and they don't say "birds of a feather flock together" for no reason.

Tuesday, June 5

Fairuz & Ayu Part II

At Shue's request, here are the pics. The wedding was anything but formal. sangat lepak.

Trip down Memory Lane, this exact arrangement was also taken 30 years ago. awwhh.

sesi main ngan cake starts

and again

enough already!

Zain & Co yet again.

the cake was REALLY yummy!

Friday, June 1

Tonight, resplendently attired in your wedding apparel, hearts full of Love, embraced with happiness. To Asni and Asib, whom i've had the glad opportunity to call great friends, Congratulations. May Your lives be filled with beautiful children and eternal Love. Amin :)