Tuesday, November 25

Seafood at Home

To get cooking down to a fine art is something that I would love to achieve, but not just yet.
Last Sunday morning, my Darl Feisal and I went to the market and thereupon, fresh, fatty crabs caught our eyes. Bought them we did, together with some sting rays.

So yesterday evening, after a splendid chat with Miera, I cooked the seafood whilst Feisal went to "sepak bola" at the poolside. It's called "sepak bola" and not "bola sepak" as He kicks the football all by Himself. Towards a wall or something. See, His love for football is incontestable.

Enough digression, back to cooking. Here are the end results :

Pari Bakar with Air Asam.

Place the pari (season with salt and turmeric) on a grilling pan, pre-heated with butter.

Air asam

*Finely crush 1 cm belacan, red chili and sugar in a pestle. Pour in tamarind juice (1 tbsp asam jawa with 1/2 cup water) into the pestle. Add in finely chopped shallot and tomato. Lastly, add in lime juice.

*I love using the pestle (lesung batu) as it intensifies the taste. Original kampung style.

Sweet and sour crabs.

*Saute sliced garlic, ginger, onion and red chili in hot oil.

*Add the crabs, let them fry for 5 mins.

*Next, add in chili sauce, tomato sauce and water, to your taste. Also, add in sugar and salt.

*Lastly, you may add tomato, pineapple, carrot and coriander into the simmering dish.

Cooking is indeed therapeutic!

Monday, November 24

It has been a while

Prepping spaghetti is easy right, so no need for recipe. I like mine slightly sweet, with grated parmesan cheese to top it all of.

Also, tastes much better with these sticky wings!
Smother the chicken wings in honey, garlic, ginger, brown sugar, oyster sauce, chili powder and cumin marinade. Bake in preheated 190 deg oven for an hour.

My favourite cake, besides plain gooey chocolate cake.
The recipe, well, I kind of lost it. I placed it on my fridge with a magnet and my cute, rascal bunny decided to nibble on the recipe. Up to its very last shred of paper. But I am sure this recipe works just fine.

Thursday, November 20

Should my blog be in the form of a physical journal, it would certainly be collecting dust by now. I reckon it has been permeated by the sound of rocketing crickets.

Not only have I no cogent reasons for such neglect, I am also literally home-bound. A stay at home wife, doing nothing replicating the same. ha ha.

Last weekend was fun. We filled ourselves with nonsensical gossips and jokes, replenishing our depleting in-need-of-laughter souls. See you girls in December.

And, I have found a new love. The name's Jaspal. Replete with colourful and up-to-mark tops. Bought myself a black top and Mira a gypsy-like green. Nice! And what's more, they are affordably reasonable.
Jaspal rocks!

Thursday, November 13

After a long hiatus on buying things, yesterday's shopping spree with my aunt-in-law and sis-in-law was liberating. Gosh have I forgotten how great the feeling is! Subang Parade is fun to be in. So much so, during lunch hour, sneaky Feisal sneaked into Subang Parade as well to get himself a new pair of boots for his football match tomorrow. Gila gung-ho. But no, we did not bump into him! hish.

Wednesday, November 5


America, it is time to change your ways. The coveted baton has been passed to the deserving Obama, incontestably so. Whilst America will be making its headway with the newly elected President, who undoubtedly will reposition America in our eyes, we will be falling into a state of disrepair.

For starters, what is with the perceptibly deranged malay guy who sued the State Government of Penang for erecting multilingual road signs in the state? Once again, deranged. And need I begin with the Malaysian cruddy, world-of-not-unlike-monkeys politicians? Their heads should be clobbered. And boy am I enamoured with our Government's laughingly firm contention that economy meltdown will not befall Malaysia. Maybe after drowning Japan and Singapore's markets, just to name a few, Mr. Economy Meltdown decided to give us a miss. Duh.

Oh boy, Well Done America. Good Luck Malaysia.

Happy Birthday Mar! Lagi best makan aiskrim dengan kau.