Friday, August 29


Heading to Penang later tonight. Mak Tok's throwing a party, haha, not. A kenduri 'menyambut cucu menantu' actually. Flattered, so cute of her! I Love Penang and most importantly, its wide variety of food. Batu Ferenggi for DVD hunting tomorrow night with Abu. A nice retreat indeed.

Favourite Dish

I love chicken curry. Especially my Mummy's. This is a recipe I learnt from her, of course.

* Into hot oil; add star anise, cardamom pods, cloves and cinnamon.

*Add shallots, garlic, ginger, chili (all blended together), lemon grass and few curry leaves right after. Saute for 5 mins, then add in chicken parts and potatoes. Let it simmer.

*Next, pour in the mixture of curry powder (3 tbsp of Baba's curry powder in a cup of hot water) and add additional water, to your liking.

* After 10 mins, pour 1/4 coconut milk, one tsp of 'kerisik', 3 tbsp of tamarind juice (air asam jawa) and a pinch of salt.

My brother always say I make yummier curry than Mummy. awwh! This recipe makes for four. I like my curry to be less creamy and watery. Add more water and coconut milk if you like it otherwise.

Thursday, August 28


It is a customary way of thinking. My big brother Fairuz reminded me from Birmingham through Skype, of today. Brother Fairul texted from Qatar, reminding me of the same. Dedek texted past midnight, asking me "have you?".

Us siblings, interwoven with our tradition. Exchanging intimacies through a new level, as indicated, we are world's apart from each other.

Happy 58th Dear Handsome Father of ours, Hj. Mohamed Zain Abang Ismail.

Might I chime in? Two tickets to Bandung and Jakarta next year for two. (Not for the Birthday Boy, whose eyes are only set for tickets to the UK). So Mira called. Asni phoned. I said sure, it'll be fun! And so it is, the wives-hood of the travelling pants.

Jakarta Zoo, oh so wonderful. InsyaAllah. Muna, make up your mind fast!

Tuesday, August 26

I don't write much. I eat much.

The ever gloomy days eventuated in more eating and less writing.

* Sear the flour-coated beef. Remove. Fry chopped onion until caramelized, add in the beef, chopped potatoes and carrots.

* Pour a cup of chicken stock, two tbsp full of oyster sauce and tomato puree, and let it simmer for 30 minutes.
* Lastly add the broccoli, one tsp courn flour, a pinch of black pepper and one tsp dry bassil.

*Serve with french toast or white rice.

And a simple dessert..

* Put 1 litre of water to boil. Add 100gm caster sugar, mango gelatine and a can of evaporated milk. Stir for 5 minutes.

* Cool in the fridge. Serve with fresh, sweet mangoes.

* This recipe makes a great longan pudding as well. Puree a can of longan, and just add agar-agar sheets instead of any flavoured gelatine.

Saturday, August 23

Every Friday would be Go-Western Night. However, Feisal and I attended a doa selamat-house warming at my cousin's, leaving us preparing for a western lunch on what was otherwise last night's dinner. * Coat the fish fillet (seasoned with salt and pepper) with beaten egg, flour and bread crumbs.
* Fry until crispy.
* Fry potato wedges (coated with curry powder)
* Mix purple cabbage with thousand island.

Quick and easy, always the way to go.

Thursday, August 21

So here I am

I've decided to succumb to my eager and bored fingers, and revamp the blog.

And write, although I have lost the simple ability to.

But I do want to fill the gaps of the many weeks I have left blank, leaving me writing in retrospect.

And I wriggle my fingers to start.

Wednesday, August 20

A possible M.

My sunny life was interspersed with a dot. A seemingly harmless dot.

May I introduce to you; Life. Welcome to my life.