Monday, December 31

Have a Blessed New Year all.

Apologies to all my friends for it was a really austere ceremony. Pictures

Friday, December 28

2007 will be drawing its curtain soon. My self-created record of not setting foot into the movie theatre/s for the whole of 2007 is on the brink of coming true! (Note to Nadia): That's One random thing about me. I don't even watch movies at home, much less the cinema, incuriously so.

Hence, my fondness for TV series. The OC, Tree Hill, bits of Grey's and Housewives. Drugs don't work for me, these series do. Seth Cohen, Seth Cohen, Seth Cohen.

2007- The year I learned how to take the rough with the smooth. Part-time teaching, I love. Studying, not so bad. Chambering and practice, yucks. (Shue and Nad, yay so true!) Haha. Beloved pets death (One cat, approximately 8 hamsters), very hard. As opposed to Nad, i FANCY animals. Tiny, gigantic, ferocious, cuddly, you name it. (A not so random thing about me ya guys).

2007-Also, the year I celebrated my last Hari Raya with my family proper, InsyaAllah. Next Raya, it'll be Subang and/or Penang and/or Kelantan and Kuching. The best Raya ever, thus far was this year's.

2007-I did learn not to squander on unnecessary things. 2 pairs of shoes, few tops, no handbag, books, couple of ornaments for my room. That was it, 2007 shopping.

The year that saw three of my closest friends getting hitched, (One almost). Asni's, Mira's and Muna's ceremony was heartwarming. And tomorrow, (again Nad, random thing: I never k
new how to spell 'tomorrow' until right now. honest!) there will be a small "merisik" ceremony at my place. Owing to the small sized apartment that I am living in, it'll only be us and close family members. Will upload the pics, maybe this year, maybe next ;)

Thursday, December 13

Little jerboa!

Incredibly, totally adorable! Meet our petite mickey mouse of the desert. Evolutionarily distinct, sadly, globally endangered. Welcome to the Encyclopedia little friend ;)

Saturday, December 8

The Little Teapot Shop Outing

Love the ambiance, the deco, the mag! Very cosy. SACC Shah Alam, just in case you're wondering ;)

Check out the teapots, real nice.

Thanks Dear Feisal for this! Senator Barack Obama!!

"Change we can believe in".