Thursday, April 2

Check this Out

Just found out about this online store that sells only flats and gladiators. In Jakarta. hmmph. Love the shoes. Check out Wondershoe people.

And for those who dig in heels or stilettos, check out Yunique Paradise. Also nice to look at! Kaki saya bengkak darab lapan so definitely won't buy any, not even to be worn after Little Man's delivery. Duh. Selipar jepun is the way to go, ha ha.

My diaper bags arrived yesterday. I know, why buy two. The black one does not look like one, it looks just like any other handbag. So I opted for two. Guil.ty Plea.sure. Give me a break.


shueyluweyduwey said...

i know wondershoes!!!!!!!!!!tapi cam kereta dah penuh hoo.yes, i've turned sober ein.

Ein said...

yes, for you only have two feet. haha ;p enough already! shue, sober? *doubtful* hahaha

Anonymous said...

kaki bengkak kasut crocs pun sik muat ouh

shueyluweyduwey said...

its true.its true.dasar penjimatan negara yang dipraktikkan berjaya.=)

Ein said...

sibuk la dedek. yea, crocs dedek yg dah cukup besar size tu pun sik muat dah! haha.

Shue, dasar penjimatan negara susah nak dipraktikkan if pegi pavi la :p

shueyluweyduwey said...

ein, pavi untuk makan.bukan untuk shop!!!!!=)