Tuesday, April 14

The ascent of a 49kg me to an acceptable 62kg. Yes, to date, I have managed to load a healthy 13kg of water, baby fat and mummy fat into my almost nine months pregnant body. 13 is always a good number, though I reckon the number of weight gained will not remain stagnant.

Little Man's movements and pokes are anything but gentle, responsive to every sound and movement, especially to his Ayah's voice. Although many times I would have to stagger rather than walk steadily, or occasionally feeling seedy; this journey has been a stupendous one.

Some of the piddling details about me and my nearing-the-end-of-pregnancy:

I love taking cold showers, at least 3 times a day. Absolutely no hot shower, whatever the time. I love nibbling and munching on ice cubes. Similarly, only ice cold water may wash down my throat. At times, bedtime will call for both air conditioner plus fan for me. Cleaning and cooking, I still love. Especially cleaning, totally obsessed!

A satisfying meal for me is one that ends with sweet chocolate ice cream or ice blended mango, leaving me with an uncomfortable heartburn. And heartburn is best remedied with fresh milk, so I love fresh milk. I do not take special formula milk for pregnant mums, for no specific reason.

Also, I did not sign up for labour class. Do not feel the need to. Watch youtube only. Feisal and I never went for a detailed 4D scan as We feel babies look the same, and complications, if any, could also be detected through normal ultrasound. Alhamdulillah, my fabulous doctor felt the same, optional she said. We are the play-cool couple, semua tak payah :)

And above all, have a positive attitude, and have faith that things will fall into place at its own pace. Oh, one more thing, jangan manjakan badan. Exercise!


Amicus Curiae said...

:) alalalalala.. p/s: ein, you look glowing!

munirah said...

hehe!wah!me too!cant tahan bersepah2!mmg suka sgt berkemas!my mom in law siap ckp,lar,nie apa sapu2 rumah lagi nie,g duduk..i said to her: tak boleh la umi..nak jugak!i even 'rampas' penyapu itu from her..haha!maybe its the hormone?:p well ein,u look happy and healthy!alhamdulillah!

Anonymous said...

baby e's fav sonnggg : florida !! right rounddddddddd ! wuhuuuuu

Ein said...

Af: as if kau tu tak glowing, oh pengantin baru :)

Muna: :) sapu,vacuum tu ok lg. my obsession ni tahap pakai toothbrush to clean showerheads, pakai cellotape to buang debu kat carpet/bantal etc. OCD? haha ;p

Dek: adoh, little E. sik mok dgr lagu2 camya eh! ha ha. keroncong jak bah.

shueyluweyduwey said...

ein memang OCD dari sebelum kahwin lagi. sangat tak sabar jumpe hari jumaat.jadi kan? =)

munirah said...

ein,ala,yg guna cellotape buang debu or habuk tu bkn ke dr dulu kau buat?kat tudung aku pn kau penah buat..haha!

nadia said...

Loving everything cold? Oh tidak, akankah At At menjadi seorang lelaki yang sangat cold kpd persekitarannya seperti all the great writers/poets? Ataupun mungkinkah dia menjadi salah seorang dari mereka, melahirkan karya-karya hebat untuk dijadikan makanan kepada jiwa-jiwa kosong?

Aku jadi At At's biggest fan nanti!

Tapi mak aku kata dulu time dia mengandungkan aku pun, she loved all things cold. Aku sekarang sangat tak tahan panas. So maybe it'd be the same with At At...Putera Lilin! ;-)

Ein said...

shue: ches. mane ade OCD. normal je lg. jadi la friday ;)

muna: hehe ;p oh ade ey? tak ingattttt! haha lawak2.

nadia: oh, aku sungguh tak kesah if he turns out mcm kau. great writer :) queer and all, haha. no hal, no hal.

HiDa said...

Hi Ein, when are you due? Tak sabar2 nk tgk baby... Do let me know so I can come and visit..

Ein said...

helo Hida. lambat gi, mid nex month. pape aku roger eh. InsyaAllah SJMC :) sila datang ye.