Thursday, April 23


Perut sakit on and off, Little Man terajang like nobody's business. Braxton contraction every 15 minutes dah. Nak pakai seluar pun takleh angkat kaki. Apa aa, tak macho dah.

Last weekend, Feisal and I made a decision. Well, I managed to persuade Him to let me stick to my current doc. So rakan-rakan, I won't be delivering kat SJMC. Berat hati nak tukar doctor. I love my current doc.

So InsyaAllah, Little Man will say hello to the world at Pusat Perubatan Naluri, somewhere in Wangsa Maju. Haha Aunty Nadia lagi kena datang tau!! dekat dah ;) Tapi even Us pun tak survey lagi Pusat Perubatan tu, maybe this weekend We'll go there. So I'll be at home waiting for labour to kick in, ditemani Mr Cat and Mr Rabbit :)

I told Feisal, wouldn't it be nice if I could deliver next week, tapi Feisal cuak! haha. apa aa, lagi awal lagi bagus. He's already 2.6 kg what. Tak la besar sangat nak push. ye ke?


shueyluweyduwey said...

dia bukan cuak nak jaga baby.dia cuak nak tengok delivery process kut.hihih.thanks for the info babe.will surely drop by to welcome Little praying for both u and Little Man health and safety.=)

munirah said...

the most important thing is dat u r comfortable with ur current dr.dr dah kenal kita n kita dah kenal dr.pape nanti,senang.hehe! u r in ur 36 weeks kan?anytime soon..doa bynk2!:)

nadia said...

Sure At At!! Aunty Nadia will be there in a dash to celebrate your coming into this world! Tho I would probably not fancy you much until you're about 2 or 3 years old when you're not squishy anymore hehe :-P

Ein said...

haha squishy, aku pun geli Nad! thanks for ur well wishes Shue, Muna n Nad :)

asniloveschocolate said...

in, cube tanye k.fara(ziana). die deliver situ. all the best, dear! :)