Friday, November 30

Live n Loud KL.

Note: Speechless...

"I felt strange, a warm sensation rising up inside of me
Oh like a tidal wave came from nowhere swept me off my feet
Oh but somehow making me complete now".

I Love you James boy.

Wednesday, November 28

R.I.P my baby, for now you will have the reclusive life you have always wanted.
Much and much Love from us all.

Am going back on Monday the 3rd. Registration's today. Environmental Law and Law of Evidence not offered this semester. Why why why! Been weighing heavily the other options that I have. Company; thankfully. Islamic Jurisprudence; have not a clue. (easiest Syariah subject says Mar the Ma'am). Research Methodology, have I a choice? Conflict of Laws; Prof. Altaf, ahhh.. *birds chirping. kids happily dancing. roses fully bloomed. candies and chocs*. So what is it going to be for me?

The OMG-Whatev's-me and my girls-oh-can't wait-to waltz-in with-my-latest-handbag and heels-to school; or

I-woke up-on the wrong side-of the bed-so no time-for shower-hence-my off putting behaviour-so what is-your problem-dude?!

You guessed me right. But! the glass must be half full. With coke. It obviates the need to be grouchy at school and/or towards my students (future) in Compulsory Moots and tutorials.

Monday, November 26

"It's Queen Elizabeth they want now"

"Next stop, Buckingham Palace! Having failed to submit their memorandum to the British High Commission, Hindraf has now pledged to take it directly to Queen Elizabeth II". [NSTP]

Ha ha ha. Utterly foolish. Seriously ridiculous. What are you people trying to contend? That you are the best when it comes to inciting racial hatred? Of course you are. Stop the impropriety already. Go erect the impregnable fortress of justice all you want. As if it'll help you people get what you want. Actually, what is it again that you people want? Oh yea, taken to extremes, see you in London aight! Implausibly silly.

Saturday, November 24

A visit

Us with Dearest Farah Nini and pretty Amani

"How come you didn't call me Coach?" [Morrie]

This cute Morrie of my own insisted on Us calling her Kak Nini. It'll take a lot of guts out of me to do so. I'd rather stick with Madam. But we being your friends as you put it, that, I can take. We gave Baby Ahmad's cukur jambul a miss last month, so a chance to finally say hello to the adorably tiny baby was delightful. Whose sleeping pattern is oddly ruled by having commotion around him. Weird baby lah you!

Baby Ahmad sound asleep, that's her Baby.

This, is her other cute Baby. Moosh's the name, or something.

To my cute bunny, if it's any consolation, you are not alone :)

We hit the Curve after. Did a bit of shopping, just the necessaries. Right. Look who we bumped into! Dear Mar and her Maira. We did the obvious, exchanged pleasantries, then went on to buy her bolster and my Beloved's pillows at Harvey Norman's sale.

What a Saturday. Real fun. Tomorrow is no different I reckon. Beloved Feisal has designed a cool James Morrison t-shirt template last night for us to don to the latter's show next week, I hope. Notice, my entries have been about what I've been up to of late. That's very.. err.. bloggish. My brain's not getting any stimulation I suppose. degeneration. cuti lama dah ma. I'll put it to right soon ya. Have a lovely rest of the weekend children of the world.

Friday, November 23

Let's do the pointe!

Been oogling at ballet pictures of late. Simply liberating. Not that I'm hoping for a resumption of my ballet dancing days, I just miss ballet plenty. There's just something divinely when you set your eyes on the scurrying ballerinas, pacing and waltzing their dainty feet across the floor whilst beautiful piano pieces pervade the stage. But truth be told, these graceful ballerinas do not most of the time have the most divine toes. Ballet too has its own ramifications. Be in ballet for long, then you'll be in for really dry, chapped and distorted toes. But hey, no complaints. I say give me regrets, ballet surely isn't one of them.

Now that's what I call the ultimate ballet style heels. I'm a born klutz, so it's most prudent to pass. I mean, who in their right mind would want to walk in these? Simply incomprehensible. Anyone? ;)

Wednesday, November 21

29th November. KL Convention. 8 p.m. For now, I just have to be patient, uncharacteristically so. can't wait! Nadia and Melat, he's gonna rock it.
I'm not lost, I'm not lost, just undiscovered.

Tuesday, November 20

She's married!

I have not the patience to wait for my Beloved to upload Muna's wedding pictures nor the courage to steal any from friends. (bodoh, tak bawak camera). If you must, go to Asni's blog for pics. hehe. So, here's a delayed entry for my darling roomie of four crazy, annoying, happy years! Whose bed I've slept on, whose drawers I've rummaged through, whose food I've eaten, whose clothes I've worn etc. It is indeed gratifying to see her happily married to her beloved Syed. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Syed. Much Love.

To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the wedding cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it;
Whenever you're right, shut up.- Ogden Nash

Note: Pics courtesy of Shue, which owe it one to Muna herself. Double stealing! That's dear Muna looking her very best. Gorgeous, VERY.

Sunday, November 4

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."

Encircled by a lovingly supportive family and much loved by your guy, I can't feel anything but unutterable happiness for you. To witness the sparkle of joy in your eyes yesterday was definitely worth our six years of laughters, tears, silliness and craziness.

Back in the days, you rejoiced over The OC whilst I drowned in One Tree Hill. You sang to the tunes of Elvis and oldies whereas I head-banged to the sounds of guitars and drums. You played sports with vigour whereas I danced with grace (or at least trying to). You loved reading fiction as opposed to non-fiction for me. You hit the movie theaters whenever you could whereas I distanced myself from any. You were invariably polite whereas I was always blunt. And most importantly, you killed ants unwittingly whilst I desperately salvaged them from your sight. ha ha.

So different So different yet so alike. Now, we share an unbreakable bond of love and bliss in life. Here's to her, my best girl, who thinks that I'm a good egg even if I'm half-cracked.