Saturday, March 24

RDL and its variant types of inhabitants, whom i've grown to love and feel at ease with.

Second week in RDL

Dinner at Chilli's

Annual Dinner


Convention Centre

Chambees at the BC dinner. (Ron went to the gent's. I, had to give the dinner a miss.)

I had a fantabulous nine months stint in RDL. To the chambees of my batch (feels so good saying that.haha) Thank you ever so much for all the love, naughtiness, joy, cheekiness and fun that we have come to share. Dinner at Souled Out and drinks at Starbucks after was a lovely end to top it all off. will miss RdL dearly, especially you Lydia!

Monday, March 19

Since there's no more work for me to settle at the office, I thought I should just go to the Legal Aid Center and help out. and I thought right. The one day experience is inordinately interesting as opposed to mitigating in courts for crooks (or not) in Magistrate's court. Taught me that inwardly, people may and might not be who they represent themselves to be.

Attempting to elicit stories from them, not easy. Just have to force the issue out of them. Along the lines, you might be saddened by the fact that you can't really lend a hand to everyone, no matter how demeaning their situation is. As much as a fussy person that I am, I do feel grateful for being able to live life the way that I do, though there is little else to complain about but, I should think that everything will be ok.

Oh, I just don't get it these days. a motorcyclist had me followed whilst I was walking in a lorong, (being lazy, that's me cutting through some roads). Why is there a need to be sleazy and disgusting when in fact you can be a well mannered guy. stupid. So I just turned back and with a seemingly angry face, reprimanded him and said "ape hal?!". haha. He scooted away like a stupid, useless hyena. Thank God. Just be careful lah everyone.

Friday, March 16

What I've been up to of late:

1. watching the OC incessantly, amused by the facetiousness of seth cohen.

2. trying to facilitate my emotional growth by watching One Tree Hill, not-so incessantly anymore.

3. feeling disgusted by stupid, ill equipped, obnoxious, hideous men. I had the misfortune of having to face a foreigner who offered himself to me. really desperate, and i was really shocked. to him, burn in hell.

4. counting days or perhaps hours to end my not-so-gruelling pupillage. 3 more days! yay. (to top it of, a badminton match with my fellow RDL-ians tonight. what's that all about?!)

5. Having some forethought about what my future entails. definitely awesome, forge ahead!

6. replying emails to cik melati-B* , getting psyched by her unforgettable journey in the US. no longer forlorn.

7. And, still VERY much in Love with the one Feisal. aawhh..

Note to Asni, having written all the above, ko kene list down gak. nak jugak aku tau what u've been up to cheeky miss not so cute! ;p